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"No patience" made me smile. I wish I had a $1 for every time I got that look! Thanks for sharing. the camera looks like fun to use.

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Let me see, firefighters being grounded because of some fool abusing a no fly zone versus restricting some drone pilots "rights" (pilots license is a privilege not a right)? Protecting innocent commercial airline passengers from intrusions into a no fly zone versus restricting a drone pilots access?
There isn't a decision here. Drone flying is not a right and since any fool with enough money can buy one and then endanger others, I'd say DJI has behaved responsibly. No sympathy for the whining.

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8 of 10. I got #1 and 3 wrong and the rest right. Some were obvious but I didn't think it was that easy.

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StevenE: Sad as it is, it was war. And not just any war, but a world war and an attack on American soil. The Japanese, the Germans, and the Italians were all treated this way. Espionage was a big concern.
BTW ... most people express heightened "empathy" for the woman mostly because she's young and pretty. I think the photos are important and moving, but the virtue-signalling in the comments here is not compelling.

To SteveE: "The Japanese, The Germans and the Italians were all treated the same way",
Sadly that is not even remotely true. ALL Japanese Americans were rouned up and put into camps. Of the 1.2 million German Americans born in Germany, the 5 million German Americans with 2 native German parents, and the 6 million with one native German parent, about 11,000 were detained. That's racism. You can call it whatever you want.

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Richard, waaaaaay too logical. It's so much more fun to get into a pedantic argument or put down someone else's choice that works for them, while hiding behind the anonymity of a screen name. I've stopped reading the comments on the majority of reviews.

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User9362470513: Whenever someone asks me what camera to buy, I say the same thing: get what feels comfortable in your hand. All cameras take great photos in just about any light. Some manufacturers offer better lens ranges (I recently moved to the Nikon D750 from Canon and love their 1.8 range of primes), so if you want lots of lenses, that is a consideration. But overall, choose which body size and shape you want and go from there.

Oh, and then it is imperative that you complain and whine and bitch about every other camera brand and get really defensive about your choice of camera and lenses at every opportunity because the world of digital photography is marginally more grown up than primary school.

Thank you! Well said.

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Thank you for a very clearly written article. I can't wait for part 2.

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I enjoyed the behind the scenes review. Interesting to watch how a professional photographer works. Do more of these!

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AllanRinggaard: If it has any interest, since its on topic.

In Denmark we have a 4.5 years education in commercial/portrait photography.

You can see the final exam images here.

Every half year, there will be new additions on the site.

Every exam, consits of 5 still-leben, 5 portrait/people, 5 architecture/industri and 10 free images.

I, myself can be found here.

Best regards
Allan Ringgaard

Thank you for the link. The photographs were very interesting. Some talented students!

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PhotoPoet: quick question... those of you with Nikon D7000 or other "large" DSLR's that have switched...Understanding that there are differences... Do you miss your old companion?

When I was trying to decide what to replace my Nikon D70 with I purchased a Nikon D7000 and the Olympus OM D. They arrived within a day of each other. I took them out and shot identical scenes side by side for 1 week. some landscapes, some action (windsurfers), some nature (everglades wildlife) and some family photos. I kept the Olympus. The minute difference in IQ was not worth the size and weight advantage that the Olympus has. I don't hesitate to take it with me and I have captured some wonderful photos under low light or bright light. I'm not looking back.

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KZMike: YIKES. . . have decided to buy the OM-D, but it seems that there seems to be quite a few 'issues' that I'm reading here as well as other places on DPReview. Sounds like this Camera was released a bit to early... does Oly include updated firmware on cameras produced after the released firmware is out. . .????

Anything else a buyer ought to know ahead of time??? Intend to buy in about 2 weeks and it will be my first Digital with interchangeable lenses.

Like all cameras there are periodic firmware updates.Some to fix flaws and some to imporve performance. I've had mine since June and I'm very happy with it. If you think a barely audible hum of the image stabilization system is a fatal flaw then you shouldn't get the camera. A new camera should have the most recent firmware. The v1.5 update "removed" the hum. I just updated the firmware to version 1.5. It required an update to v1.4 first and then allowed the v1.5 to install. I used the Olympus Digital Camera Updater utility and it worked flawlessly. I also was able to update v1.2 when it came out and had no problems with that.

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While I await my camera I can console myself with the helpful tips for setting it up. Thank you for a great article and for sharing the benefit of your experience. I hope there will be more articles like this in the future.

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Thank you for a helpful article and some great shots.

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