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JustSomeDude: I'm curious if DPR generally gives camera manufacturers a mulligan on a bad review result + an updated firmware, of if this was a special favor to someone at Fujifilm?

What other DPR camera reviews have (quoting Andy Westlake) "been substantially rewritten to take into account all of the improvements with the new firmware, and highlight useful new features"?

If this was a special case one-off for Fujifilm, won't that further encourage them to release substandard cameras before they are ready, knowing that they'll get a free pass later to fix problems found in production cameras and getting another shot at the review later. And will the same "generosity" be extended to Panasonic/Canon/Nikon/etc. in future reviews?

It just smells fishy to me. Bloggers are forever complaining that they aren't treated like journalists. Perhaps if more of them *acted* like journalists, that wouldn't be an issue?

Remember that a reputation takes a lifetime to cultivate and a moment to ruin...

You also have to realize that the X100 has been a hotly anticipated camera for some time. It is also far different from most cameras on the market. Given this, it would have been surprising if DPReview did not re-address the camera following the firmware upgrade.

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