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yet another anonymous: I'm very fond of black-and-white photos. I'm currently using Nikon P7100 Camera, which has a good black-and-white support, to shoot black-and-white photos. My question is 'Is there anything that film can do but digital cannot?'.
Is there any reason why I should consider getting film camera and films to shoot black-and-white photos???

Yeees, you can rest dozen of hours in the darkroom. No one would bother you. Certainly sooner or later you will "mark" your sink or bath tube with developer but who cares?. Besides the other members of your family would need to make friends with your neighbours to use their toilet because you would occupy yours for ever ........ . So from social point of view it is interesting.

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can I use it as hammer?

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Tha magic "200" most likely means "GOST", what in human terms can be understood as something between 200 and 250 ASA (between 24 and 25 DIN). As far as I grab into depth of my memory there was not a film with such sensitivity. So probably it can also means that one need to drink 200 ml of pure alcohol to use it?

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I hope that new Zenit will not rip films as its ancestor used to do ......

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was she paid or not for photographs?

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what a depth of field, with only f2,8 ....

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I always thought that photographs must be self explaining. With one glimpse you know without sophisticated stories.
I do not know whether that photograph would win if it would bear description "amateur enthusiast astronoms takes photos of new comet seen over Black Sea using their mobile phones"

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It is a shame that Christmas became a "season", "holiday". I do not mind whether You are Muslim, Jewish or else as nonetheless Your political correctness the 25th and 26th of December would always be Christmas time. Forever.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Poland.

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around 1975, when I was young, I saw photograph of the electric pole in the middle of the field. Completely nothing, "zero". And the description underneath trying to make the "meaning" and to justify that photo was taken. Now, almost 40 years later, I see that again, the old ideas are reborn. I do not want to be rude, I hope that young man would look into history and would try make use of it.

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does canon add this camera to the woman's newspaper instead of movie on dvd?. Both canon and nikon forgot their core business and sony bites every month more and more that cake. Seeing what nikon/canon are doing I predict that next their models will be equipped with razor or micro oven ...
I owe RX100 and my next will probably be RX1 not only because they create benchmarks but also because they are good!. On the other hand I hate policy of sony to launch almost every month new model, but OK, I can live with that.

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I am tired with pointless discussions on unecessary products. Probably only Nikon staff use those inventions. Having and using D800 I wanted to buy Nikon's camera I could take with me everywher I go and .... I had to buy Sony RX100 because Nikon's guys play in sand box with android or similar toys as stupid Nikon 1 ...

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