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Sold the Canon 7D and Mamiya 645. Considering what the next step will be.
Picked up a Canon M and later a Panny G6. Just sold the G6 and picked up the Nikon D5300. I found I missed a DSLR.

Once in a while I still pick up the surprisingly nice Canon SX230.

I still like to make large prints of landscapes and still life. Trying to decide on the next "real" camera. To me a photograph is only a photograph when it is printed. Just my take from an old timer. ;-)


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Mazenmazen: creative photographers always prefer film as the prints in the art gallery stir hearts. nothing matches a print's authenticity and charm exposed with projected light through emulsions of color and shades created by the organic reaction to light. Even a polaroid shot makes its way to the wall and remain there for decades. there will always be film as long as creativity lives. Digital photography is for commercial use, cost less and fast output but lacks in realistic detail

How long has Mazenmazen worked for Kodak......

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noisephotographer: How can I be sure that she didn't photograph her printed Canon 5D III photos with a Canon 100D?

Well, I don't know if noisephotographer realized the article was written by a guy.

I don't think I'm going anywhere.......

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noisephotographer: How can I be sure that she didn't photograph her printed Canon 5D III photos with a Canon 100D?

He, not she.

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retr01976: So what is the point of the M series existence with a product like this ?

Wrong on M6 weight. Camera size has the weight incorrect. the M6 does not weigh in at 520 g, it is only 390 g. I wish they would get this changed soon.

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James Pilcher: Subscriber here since 1972. I cannot describe how sad this makes me. I truly believe this is a harbinger of the future of the entire photo industry. Dramatically declining camera sales this decade cannot and will not turn around.

I too have subscribed for decades. I will miss it. Saturday mornings, nice mug o' coffee and my Pop Photo magazine. I think I read every word. That and "Outdoor Photographer". Sad to see.

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What a splendid picture. well done. Thanks for sharing.

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I was hoping to see some shots between 100 and 150 mm. It is a zoom lens after all.
Can't believe all these shots are at the wider end of the lens.

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Don Karner: Does it have a dust shaker? Or is it like the 3400 without?

Can't say I agree. Find them quite useful in comparison to previous older equipment that I have used that did not use any sensor shakers.

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On article Nikon brings its D5600 DSLR to the US (91 comments in total)

Does it have a dust shaker? Or is it like the 3400 without?

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On article Lensbaby Trio 28 real-world sample gallery (17 comments in total)

Number 31 is a simply gorgeous photograph.

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On photo Foxglove & Daisies in the An impressionist piece challenge (1 comment in total)

Nicely done. Really like that effect.

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On photo The old bridge in the An impressionist piece challenge (2 comments in total)

This is so well done. Wonderful picture.

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Searching: What an ugly looking featureless camera, gives mirrorless a bad rap.

The general public really doesn't care what you look like in public. They are too worried about how they look in public.

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surlezi: The question is: how much ?

That would be $9,999.95.

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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1647 comments in total)
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STR54: With focus peaking this could make my legacy Nikon and Pentax M42 glass much more enjoyable. I wonder how well the 24 and 40mm 2.8 STM lenses would AF with the EF to M adapter? The overall length and weight of either one mounted on the M5 should be acceptable. Time will tell.

The 40mm 2.8 STM focuses just fine on the M with the adapter. I wouldn't expect any different with the M5.

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Someday I might have to buy one of these new-fangled smartphone thingies.......


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On photo A storm is comming in Nubcake's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

This is one stunning photo. Wonderful job.

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So what? Can't tell you how many studios have closed in my home town. I'm afraid it's a sign of the times.

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joelakeland: They look okay but not groundbreaking and still behind APS-C's better offerings. I really did not like the portrait and waffle having that hideous poster might as well been using a 12mp camera.

I still want one when on sale for black & white shooting.

I agree villagranvincent.

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