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Sharpness of viewfinder compared to actual recorded image. L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Jul 22, 2019
S1R High Resolution Mode: images not as sharp on the sides and corners L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Jul 19, 2019
Sigma fp L-mount Full Frame Camera Announced ! L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Jul 14, 2019
S1 versus S1R (a smile) L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Jul 13, 2019
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S1 C-AF Performance with Firmware 1.2 L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Jul 9, 2019
My Panasonic likes and dislikes L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Jun 12, 2019
What do you want Panasonic to focus on next? L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Jun 8, 2019
Panasonic’s autofocus guide L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Jun 7, 2019
S1/S1R documentation links L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Jun 5, 2019
mac mojave not natively recognizing s1 raw files L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk May 26, 2019
S1R high resolution mode and the DMW-RS2 shutter remote L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk May 23, 2019
S1R+G9 L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk May 15, 2019
A couple of vacation pics from Valencia on my S1R L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk May 15, 2019
PL 70-200 sample images L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk May 14, 2019
Goodbye ProDude L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk May 13, 2019
Just one S1R question L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk May 12, 2019
Panasonic S1R and MC-21 Adapter to replace my 5D MKIV? (sadly, no) L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk May 10, 2019
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Panasonic S1, 50 1.4 L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Apr 30, 2019
S1 Wedding Images From The Weekend 24-105 and Leica 90mm L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Apr 30, 2019
Sports Images With S1 L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Apr 30, 2019
RGB Histogram L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Apr 19, 2019
One strange feature of the Panasonic S1R L-mount (Panasonic/Sigma/Leica) Talk Apr 8, 2019