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  • This is the model for reduction of carbon polution. Suprised you support it.
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    Years of Living Dangerously, Season 1, Episode 1, covers this. It's humans - stupid!
  • Created discussion thread "What, me paranoid?"
    Just 3 percent of American adults own half of the nation's firearms, according to the results of a Harvard-Northeastern survey of 4,000 gun owners. The remaining 50% are owned by 19% of the population.
  • The generation efficiency of specific resources is a reasonable metric when comparing two technologies using the same fuel. But not when comparing technologies using different fuels. Planners use ...
  • First, you need to put energy efficiency on your graph. Lowest cost, least risk, and it matches the demand curve.  Second on the list is demand response. It's also a very inexpensive resource that ...
  • Pot, Kettle, Black.
  • I'm 5x more likely to be killed while riding my bike than by a undocumented immigrant.  50,000 cyclist are injured every year, resulting in a $4 billion heath care bill.  What should I be outraged ...
  • These stats simply aren’t remarkable. The U.S. has 318 million people. 16,000 homicides a year, 11,000 by guns. There are 2.2 million in prison, and 4.7 million on parole.
  • This list is more about Harry than the media.  How far to the right can you go.....
  • All of the energy generation technologies have drawbacks.  Nukes? Hydro? Coal? Gas? And yes, even wind. But I would take wind over the alternatives. Energy efficiency it the other way out.  Most ...
  • One of the problems with the modern liberal or conservative definitions is they are driven by coalitions, not principals. Coalitions are formed to assemble a large enough voting block to get ...
  • Here you go.
  • Right?
  • Read up on the fraction of people that fit each ethnic category. Then read something - anything else - that might make you a bit smarter.
  • I don't think anyone on this site gives a hoot about HRC's emails. It's all about character assassination. Pure politics. Like most of you, I'm going to vote on the candidate that best aligns ...
  • For all the Hillary haters....  I'm still waiting for someone to tell me how the R agenda is going to help me.  Policies matter. Hate speech does not.
  • Seems like we are not going to talk about policy. That's to bad.
  • The never ending attacks on the Clinton's character is so tiring.  Ya- it all sounds a bit flaky, But none of it ever gets full traction. How come there is no conversation about the policy ...
  • I hope the leader is from a nation in the mid east.
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