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On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (375 comments in total)

I am putting this in because it didn't fit below. I was excited about Adobe's new template based web design software, it would have been a good replacement for iWeb. When I went to their site to download the BETA of Muse I found out that it would be a subscription based service. Adobe lost me right there. They lost a future customer before they even brought the product to market, stupid.
I hope someone comes out with reasonably priced versions of everything Adobe makes, I really don't think adobe really knows how much of a consumer product company they are (they are not Auto Desk they don't make products that only a hand full of people use in a professional setting). Adobe Cut the sh#t charge your academic price for the regular product and don't even think about selling subscriptions to your wares.

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On article Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy (375 comments in total)

The people on this forum defending Adobe's new upgrade and pricing schemes, by saying that Adobe has to do allot of R&D, miss one crucial point. Adobe is a software company and at the end of the R&D phase when they bring out their product they do not have to produce anything the customer downloads the product no shipping no warehousing no physical product (I know they still sell allot on DVD now, but how much of an investment is that even?).
A company engaged in making tangible products for instance a cars or cameras, has to do at least as much R&D, and then actually manufacture a physical working product to sell, they then have to ship and warehouse that product. When they come out with a new model they have to take a loss on the unsold old ones.
I learned PS on a cracked copy and then moved on to an academic version (only because I thought the academic price was fair), I will never upgrade to a new version unless it has something I need. If it goes subscription I'm gone.

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