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Own and use the Retrospective 30 daily; might not be the most ideal camera bag, but as an every day messenger bag for carrying all my other stuff plus a small camera setup, it keeps everything safe and looks good yet discreet doing it. Love it.

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(unknown member): Love Andy’s content and obviously his work. He pretty much single handedly wipes out all the trolling associated with the X system and it’s supposed limitations.

What a lovely conversation thread we have going here. I've shot with an X-T3 since release, and with Nikon and Sony before that.

If I was the type to blow up a huge print and stand 10" from it to appreciate it, or zoom in at 200%, I would NOT be using an X-Trans sensor. It can have issues.

Thankfully, I'm past that point in my life and now I focus much more on the composition and personal meaning of the photo, sometimes shooting even in *gasp* jpeg (sometimes on my iPad!). Pretty much any camera >16mp is going to give me results I'm good with, and I love the color and B&W tone I get from Fuji. Different needs for different breeds.

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On article Field review: Fujifilm XF 70-300 F4-5.6 R LM OIS WR (274 comments in total)
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DavidB2: The Con list including two complaints about the 2x teleconverter is a bit odd. 2x teleconverters always have noticeable detrimental effects, so you could put such cons on the review of ANY lens.

Also found this very odd in an article praising the performance of the bare lens. Either way, I've been enjoying the lens. It performs almost exactly as I expected for a $800 70-300. Not perfect, but perfectly usable and gives me a manageable 100-400 equiv when I need it.

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PhotoRotterdam: If I was a psychology student, I could write a thesis by studying the comment section of DPReview. The anxiety!

Its a freakin' camera people, a tool, something to use while shooting. Who cares if one is marginally better than the other. Pick whatever fits your needs. In reality, the output of all modern cameras is indistinguishable, either admired at a screen or printed.

But I guess a large portion of the population here doesn't know how to enjoy shooting images and hit each other over the head with their 'thruths', calling each other names. Kind of sad.

Wait until they find out enjoy shooting landscapes with my Fuji, most often using JPEG, and editing almost exclusively on an iPad Pro....

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70-300 for $800? Instant pre-order for me. Was expecting closer to $1,000.

Will finally have my kit of 16-80 and 70-300 for hiking, been waiting a while.

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On article Fujifilm 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 sample gallery (111 comments in total)
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fPrime: $699? I have a Nikon 55-200mm f/3.5-5.6 AF-S/G VR II that lists in the $300 range and cost me $150 used. If these prices are representative of Fuji’s lenses in general then in a substantial number of cases Fuji shooters are being taken to the cleaners.

Have a look at LensRental's teardown of the 55-200. You'll see that this lens is well beyond what the $300 Nikon "kit" lens contains. Fuji is putting some high-level build techniques and quality into a "mid range" product.

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Thoughts R Us: Total. Beast. Mode.

This will be the most overall advanced mirrorless camera to date when it hits the market.

A Year ago people said he was a Sony Shill.... Opinionated does not = paid by a company.

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On article DPReview TV: Nikon P950 hands-on review (183 comments in total)
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Hubertus Bigend: The major question still remains, which is whether a crop from an image with a decent 'real' 500mm telephoto lens on a camera with a 'real' sensor would not be at least as good as this. Now I've only picked one of the (close-distance to rule out air turbulence as a factor) sample images to look at, but at least that one seems to confirm the suspicion. And all the more since sensors in 'real' cameras tend to have a lot lore more resolution than 16 MP...

Agreed but when you crop that much in post you also aren't getting the full sensor resolution, so you may well end up with less than 16mp...

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Brian P Smith: I was a heavy user and believer of filter systems until I finally realized that in this day with Lightroom/Photoshop, I don't have any need for graduated filters. I get by just fin with Circular ND's and a polarizer which are cheaper, and take up MUCH less space in my hiking bag.

@Prosecutor you missed where I said I still use ND's and pols. I don't see the need for square filters; circular are still useful

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I was a heavy user and believer of filter systems until I finally realized that in this day with Lightroom/Photoshop, I don't have any need for graduated filters. I get by just fin with Circular ND's and a polarizer which are cheaper, and take up MUCH less space in my hiking bag.

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As much as I want a medium-format X100 type camera, if you use the GFX 50R with the 50mm lens, you're pretty darn close minus the OVF.

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Not the first... Not the last.

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borissimo86: Is no one bothered by the watercolor-like, wormy details in the OOC JPEGs? Something is funky with the in-camera processing.

Which shots in particular? I don't see any wormy details.

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entoman: I like the basic concept of Fujifilm cameras - the styling, the compact dimensions, the lenses etc.

But the "lift & turn" ISO adjustment is antiquated and clumsy if you need to change ISO often, and don't want to use Auto ISO. I also find the text on the shutter dial small and difficult to read, and suspect that is the case for many older users.

The biggest hurdle for me is the lack of IBIS or even OIS in some models. Admittedly with a short focal length of 23mm this isn't a major issue with the X100 series, but adding stabilisation would be beneficial for low light situations, and surely can't add *that* much to the size or weight? Certainly not enough to alienate buyers.

FYI for those wondering, you can set it to "C" on the iso wheel and adjust the ISO with the front dial.

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On article CP+ 2020 cancelled amid Coronavirus concerns (167 comments in total)

I'm wondering if this will affect camera/news releases. A lot of companies time releases right prior to the show (for example Fuji's new X-T4 announcement is timed in tune with CP+).

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On article Hands-on with the Olympus OM-D E-M1 III (189 comments in total)

I love Olympus cameras, and I really enjoyed using them before I moved on. But I hate to say it, I must address the elephant in the room; $1799 for this upgrade is just not going to be competitive to what's out there.

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pdelux: so canon will go from no IBIS to literally 8 stops which is better than the best IBIS available (Olympus). I seriously doubt this part of the rumour.

@rrc1967 Yes, but Olympus (who have done the most work in regards to IBIS) have stated that around 6.6 stops is the theoretical limit with current gyroscopes due to interference from the rotation of the earth. Will be interesting to see if Canon can overcome this.

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On article Fujifilm X-T200 review (425 comments in total)
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forpetessake: Articulating LCD is its Achilles heel. Unless you are a selfie shooter/utuber it's a terribly inconvenient design. The previous X-T100 had an excellent LCD design, it's unfathomable they would drop it.

I'm curious if any that pan the fully articulating screen have actually used them for more than 15 minutes on a demo floor. For 1 second more work you get a wide variety of viewing angles, many of which can be super helpful in the field, particularly in tight landscape shooting situations.

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mosc: Great, now give me one where I can change the M2 drive that's in there myself for this kind of money and I'll actually get one.

You can find enclosures on Ebay/Amazon that are like that. May not be as reliable or fast, but they exist.

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semorg: This episode didn’t need a video. You could have done it in one tweet.

You must be fun at parties.

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