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  • It's easier to connect, and i like the way you can just pair it to your phone and go out shooting and you all photos will be uploaded to your phone in the background. Olympus is very clunky in ...
  • Some people in this thread were arguing that XT4 could not match the IBIS in the EM1Iii because Olympus had an easier time stabilizing a smaller sensor. But can't you make the same argument for ...
  • Created discussion thread Help me understand L64/L100
    with my old EM5II, I had bad experience using ISO 100 with stills. I found the RAW files unusable, especially if the pics were more overexposed than underexposed (bright sunny days tend to do ...
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    It's EU-wide, including Norway, Ruslsia, Serbia, Switzerland and Ukraine. I just noticed it applies to my purchase too. :)
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    I'm also invested in Nikon, started with F mount and now Z mount. A big reason for the upgrade, besides just moving to the new mount while the plug is pulled from the old one, is getting IBIS with ...
  • What happened to the details in the trees and mountain in the distance. They look smeared with a paint brush or plain weird JPEG artifacts.
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    As a sidenote, yes, happy with the camera. Quick takes: - as expected, the sensor is a minor upgrade IQ-wise (from the EM5II) but there is a definite improvement in speed. - I love the grip - AF is ...
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    I think so because I was able to register it in my country (Denmark) On the Olympus site, in the subsection where your registered product are, I can see it there with the 2-year warranty with the ...
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    No. You can question how companies come up with those stop ratings, but comparing these cameras in the real world is not rocket science. I have an old EM5II from 2015 with IBIS officially rated at ...
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    APSC was there before X mount, it would be there even if there were no X mount. The thing is, despite the rush to FF mirrorless, there is still a demand for smaller cameras with smaller lenses. ...
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    So Fuji trails behind significantly. You can highlight the reasons for this like sensor size, IBIS experience and X mount was ill-designed from the get-go for IBIS. But the fact remains, they trail ...
  • shhh! Some people still deny it.

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    Good news. More or less.
  • Watching on Desktop PC.

    No digital IS wobble, exposure on point, deeper colors.

    Bring on the ZV-1 mark II 4 months from now. Maybe then, it will get it right.

  • Wait 7 generations and they just might.

  • Never mind. Found the issue. I have to be in S or M mode. Always read the instruction manual, kids.
  • Created discussion thread How to turn on LIVE ND?
    On the EM1 Mark III, that is. The option is grayed out on my camera. I assumed it is because it is conflicting with some other thing turned on, but can't figure out what it is. I thought doing a ...
  • Iphone XR has better colors and stabilisation...

  • haircare tips? Is there Tony Northrup as a special guest in this video?

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    And received! Must wait for the charging battery first... :/
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