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Brilliant news. Lets hope the photo character analysis is as good as the technical is likely to be (give the DxO focus).

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increments: I have to say I don't see the point of something like this for a compact camera. It's still large enough to negate any pocketability gains from choosing a smaller camera. Also looks very unstable, even for a smaller camera.

Any ideas about what situations it would be useful?

Ive used one of these for the last 4 months with my NEX5N along with a number of emount, amount and legacy (heavy) lenses.

Whilst its not perfect, people saying its only usable for a P&S are flat out wrong. Mine has been on 3 week expeditions round the rockies, camping, climbing and scrambling and has been absolutely fine with mid sized a mount lenses (70-300 Sigma, 8-16 Sigma, lots of old, heavy legacy glass).

For a large DSLR/lens combo you'd need to be careful but for any mirrorless/lens combo its fine.

People tend to massively overestimate the stability they actually need I find, just be sensible (ie dont leave it on a cliff edge poorly balanced in windy weather).

Also as a bonus at a push you can use it as a workable walking stick!!

I hardly use my "real" tripod nowadays as the weight is just too much fuss to carry compared to the zipshot with only a little better functionality.

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"Wedding season only last 4 months".
Those calculations are laughably missleading.

So what exactly is the photographer doing for the other 8 months of the year?

Scratching his/her ar*e?

Wedding photographers do charge $3k a wedding because they can. Its not something to be ashamed of. Its just because many of them are actually skilled (although a surprising amount most definitely arent) hence the skill is in demand.

Supply and demand, market economy. Pretty simple and tbh both the woman and the photographer have stupid arguements imo.

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