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mandm: The sad part of digital is all the family images lost forever when computers fail or people do stupid things like reformat their external hard drive when they believed they were reformatting a memory card and lost 10 thousands pic's (post on DPR). For the few that backup family pic's, they buy the cheapest C/D's and DVD's that only last 10 to 20 years. 50 years from now people won't even know what a DVD is, or be able to get prints from it, remember floppies, the computer companies don't care what they made yesterday.
Last week my mother showed me a picture of her grandmother made in the late 1890's and asked if I could copy it, I scanned it and made a few prints, easy. 50 or 75 years from now my kids/grand kids will still be able to scan film to view or maybe even make prints!
My parents shot 35mm slide film for all vacations and special events, I copied the slides to DVD's.
It's sad that in just 2 or 3 decades from now, most will not have any family pic's to view.

How much has KODAK given you in all these years?
Wouldn't you put in your 5cents to keep it alive and kicking?

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