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  • Good Morning I will take the Leica X1 over the Leica D-Lux 6 To  my eye, the X1 is true Leica glass and it shows.  I can say the same thing for the X2, awesome images
  • What wonderful cameras, not fast, but reliable and awesome images they both produce. I  had an Leica X1 it died, Leica US had no parts for the X1 or X2 so was offered a Leica D-Lux 6, at a special ...
  • May I suggest, a Leica X2 - It is slow but,  the quality of the image is just wonderful, read up on it and see what you think.  I had a Leica X1,  that crashed, and Leica U S had no parts, but ...
  • Using Light room 5 Somewhere I saw that minimum operating system is Windows 10 or 11
  • Created question thread Leica D Lux 7 - Operating system
    Leica D-lux 7 What operating system does this camera require to work at it's best? I have windows 7 and raw does not work on it. Any suggestions thanks
  • I agree, but, it's the glass that counts in my opine,  I have one X2 and the images it produces just awesome
  • Replied in Leica D-Lux 7
    Good Morning 00 Dave retired sometimes ago, he is replaced by Stacey McHenry. Dave was a good man thanks
  • Replied in Leica D-Lux 7
    Thank you Ed, N J has had it for just about a month, and I cannot get any answers from them  as to when it will be repaired, last report said that the camera is in line for work, that was dated ...
  • Created question thread Leica D-Lux 7
    Has anyone had any problems with this camera, like looking at the back screen, then the camera goes off and I find an image of my feet. Does Leica do the repairs here in N.J. or if Lx7 need repair, ...
  • Replied in Leica D Lux 7
    I have the lux 7 and problems, it's brand new and files on the view finder scroll themselves at time when camera it held at a certain angle,  press the shudder button and when I look at the screen ...
  • I did the same thing for my Leica X1,  it works,  X1 has long gone, I also have X2 and what beautiful images this produces for me.  Hope you have the same results
  • I have an X2 wonderful camera.  and  if there are spots on your images, use lightroom to take them out and  zippo you have a great camera and image.
  • Regardless of age, "she" is a beauty, and served her Country well over the years in photography

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    David, took your advice, bamo works fine, thanks
  • Great camera, but, you better get your degree again from university, so many file it carries,  I just purchased it and still trying to learn it
  • This sucks, we purchased Nikon Capture Nx2 etc. and now they pull the rug from under us,

  • Replied in leica d lux 7
    Hi David, thank you for your reply.  I solved my problem last evening, after reading various section of the manual on the screen.  The secret button that solved my problem is  "PRF" button on the ...
  • Created question thread leica d lux 7
    Just purchased this camera - and when I take an image I get "record in post focus" what is this and do I need it, can I shut it off and still take images, thank for any help, I read to send the ...
  • Replied in Leica D Lux 7
    Thank you all for your comments, I solved the problem, on one of the menu's it had a file converting  raw to jpeg.  I clicked on this and at least I had images to work on, Again, thank you all
  • Created discussion thread Leica D Lux 7
    I just purchased this camera and this morning I shot in RWL a beautiful snow fall through our kitchen window.  I downloaded it and got a message that preview is not allowed. It was disappointing ...
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