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shigzeo: And... it's a white man!

String the SOB up

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what an image, gorgeous

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AdVeen: Location please?

calgary, alberta, canada

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Lawrence33: There was an old song that one of my many mentors would sing while shooting.
The 'Opening' line went something like this, " .... park you chewing gum, and razors at the door, drop your ego outside the church 'cause your 'er going to learn some more. .... "
I've been at it for a very long time and have worked with many Hasselblads and all the related equipment.
You, who have never work with the MF cameras or Hasselblad. And are not engineers, should go sit in the corner and chew on your ego.
Go take some pictures. We use to say, years ago, " That's really nice, but what have you done lately ? "

Lawence - touche

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Congratulations, I see nothing wrong with this image, he is walking out of the photograph . I like this image, and beside, he "won first prize" by the judges and that is all that matters

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Tom Goodman: An opinion piece that could only appear on a site devoted to the myth that the camera makes the picture.

You could boil this down to one sentence: the best camera you have is the one that took the picture you wanted to take.


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Sony RX 100 - just purchased same, how do I get Sony raw converted so that I can use Sony raw in Nikon Capture 2? any help would be appreciated

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Zoran, congratulations, beautiful, but what else would you expect from a Bzyintine rite

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jny4916: Spelling error cost you half a star :)

Thank you all for your kind words

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jny4916: Spelling error cost you half a star :)

Your right, thank you

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These are great image, but I for one am tired of always looking at asian, there poverty etc. Looking for the images that are different. What about staying in North America, do we not have anything to offer

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Well done

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justmeMN: As a Conclusion Con, DPR writes "Conservative Auto ISO behavior can result in dangerously slow shutter speeds indoors (especially frustrating for social photography and continuous-advance shots of indoor sports)"

The Nikon 1 is a (point and shoot) snapshot camera, that does a poor job of taking auto-indoor snapshots. Inexcusable.

Nikon should be ashamed of itself, for screwing up something so basic/obvious.

You can see this guys a canon man

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Uwe, thank you

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