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  • Tokina makes an excellent lens. The one I have in mind is manual only. It's an excellent lens but even experienced photographers have told me it takes a bit to get used to. My friend, published in ...
  • Excellent

  • Thanks this makes sense. What does tint really represent? That is, in software why is there tint feature to adjust in addition to WB. I see why WB needs an adjustment button/slider. Tint not so much.
  • Thanks a lot, I’ll give it a go without first as you suggested. I’ll use Live View just to peak at what each of the presets can do for a specific shooting situation. Very true on light changing ...
  • Thanks again. I shoot RAW+JPEG mode so I have both. I usually shoot around sunsets, and often bright light ocean pics too. Never shot sunrises yet- in terms of landscapes. Now that I have a 35mm ...
  • Thanks a lot, helpful indeed.
  • Thanks a lot for explanation, that certainly makes sense. The impression I've received from various people is that it's best to do as much as possible in-camera, as opposed to post-processing. ...
  • Thanks for this clarification. Curious, how would a grey card not be good for in-camera setting of WB, and yet be good for WB changes in post-processing? I was looking for a grey card for setting ...
  • I wasn’t relying on positive reviews per se, I was looking at negative reviews. And one read the card I was looking at has a blue tint, not true grey.
  • Thanks! My initial search there didn’t turn up some of those.
  • Thanks! Curious, shouldn’t the entire card be grey, and not have printing on it? Or is the user expected to fill the frame away from the all the black lines? If so, then what are those black lines ...
  • Oh, well if you know the manufacturer that would be helpful.
  • Ok.......Where did you purchase them, ie can I buy them on-line?
  • Created discussion thread Grey Card Source?
    I see many types of grey cards out there on the net. What I'm wondering is this- are there any that aren't made of paper, and are fairly strong (like a credit card). I thought I found one but a ...
  • Thanks! I'll use the filter w/the lens in my sig file, but perhaps I may use it with a smaller focal length lens at some point- a more wide angle lens, I'm not sure yet. 1. Do you have a filter ...
  • Nice effect, that’s what I’m hoping to achieve. I looked at the filter company’s site they recommended the 6 stop version for these type of effects. Any issues or features about the filter you wish ...
  • I’m new to motion effects. How come the images with the filter used on waterfalls don’t show a lot of “blur”? Is the exposure time not long enough? i was expecting to see an image line below with ...
  • Replied in ND filters?
    Thanks a lot!
  • Replied in ND filters?
  • Replied in ND filters?
    Curious, how does one prevent getting NDs that may have a color cast to them?? The company you use is pricier than I expected. I do know Schott Glass. They make glass for Leica and Zeiss microscope ...
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