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Schweikert: 'Weapon' was such a bad name for a camera product. Good change along with the lower prices.

Well, at least a perfect name for the US market :-O

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to little, to late...

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Random Asian Guy: I look forward to the days that glasses like this can run for 16 hours and have a looping function like a human dash cam.

Car dash cams have been so useful for proof in altercations. I guess the next step is to have people dash cams. might be useful for muggings, children getting bullied. general abuse or racism etc. But I guess a problem could be someone taking the glasses off you once a crime is committed.

That is exactly what I wanted to say. Ultimate dystopia.

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Not bad. Tagging ist very good! It could be helpful if you want to sell photographs.

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aramgrg: I don't believe most Leica owners know what firmware is, let alone update.

I am really sorry that you can't afford a Leica :-)

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'Our goal is to satisfy everyone' : #famous last words

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It will work even with Sigma Merrill and Quattro files - well done!

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DNG is only possible with the camera2 API, many phones will not be able to do this.

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Lexxie: Do you have a Leica at all? All real Leica's are good machines. The T is very very good, and with the new firmware update 1.4 and now 1.5 a supermachine. The Q is good too, but the fringing is bad. The M is very good but an anachronism. The T is the only one I can carry in my pocket.I have the 23mm lens and the zoom, but I am waiting now for a pancake 45 or 50mm.

Fringing? I do not see any fringing with my Q.

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Joe Ogiba: I shot some 4K UHD videos of the moon with my Samsung NX1 the past week with 920mm F9 and 1480mm F6.3 scopes.

screenshots :

Very impressive, thx for sharing!

Link | Posted on Jun 30, 2015 at 12:03 UTC finally there is the successor for my N808! Great!

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