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These big cities look pretty from a distance.

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I will be buying this one!

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Sony is finally getting serious. How about some telephoto news now_

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Either it looks good or it doesn't, enough said. Picture 3 is amazing.

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Ty83: If you have tried it, then you know that the Olympus OM-D E-M1.2 paired with the PRO 12-100 lens is just great. More importantly though - it's fun.

4k pro video is also fun - and this is exactly why Olympus needs to focus on this and immensely improve it with firmware.

It does not cost as much as Canikon's flagships... I shoot Canon (1DX), Fuji (X Pro1s) and Olympus (EM1s, EM5s, EPL5, EPL6) and will use different cameras in different circumstances. A pair of EM5s or the EPL5+EPL6 for travelling, EM1 for focus stacking, Canon for low light, super-wide. Oh, and the Ricoh GR. I've read the focus stacking in the EM1 II is blazing fast, so now it's on my list. Do not just dismiss. They all have a use and their service centres (Olympus, Canon) are amazingly responsive.

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Jonathan Zvonko: My primary use is for the focus bracketing, in camera stacking and general macro photography. Is that good reason to justify the expense? Is there any other camera (besides TG4 that I own) that I should consider?
Thanks for help

All OMDs minus the EM5 I do focus bracketing, I believe. The original EM 1 does stacking with firmware 4.1 and three lenses (hold off on 4.2, which extends stacking to other lenses but is apparently buggy). In fact I was testing stacking today with the 60mm 2.8.

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Ikonta C 521/2. My father taught me photography with it around 1974 or 1975, and how to gauge exposure using the instructions that came with the Kodak film.

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SeeRoy: "Despite being very small indeed, the E-M5 is peppered with physical control points. In fact, in our initial testing, we're equivocal about this. On the one hand, physical control is great, but depending on how you have the camera set up, it is quite easy to accidentally knock a dial, or press the wrong button and end up doing something you didn't mean to do."
Which is precisely why the (original) EM5 is the most infuriating camera I have owned. Constantly finding myself looking at a VF which is in a different mode to that in which I left it. Most days when I use it I'd like to cut it in half - usually just after missing a shot.

I got my best shot ever by having it in the wrong settings (S, 1.5 sec). The EM-5's IBIS saved the day and gave me something unreproducible.

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montxsuz: Anyone wants to buy a slightly used Panasonic 7-14mm ;)

I am thinking about selling mine as well... They're sharp. Any hope?

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BNapa: When I shot weddings regularly about 7 years ago. I suffered through Canon's sub par focusing and flash system. I envied my friend's Nikons for what Canon lacked. Then again I was shooting mid-range Canons and they were shooting high-end Nikons.

When I picked up my Pentax K5IIs, I had high hopes that the focusing would be better than my 6D's but it was not.

What I charged did not warrant or support buying high-end Canon or Nikons to get a camera that would focus when i asked it to. I have high hopes that K3 would be the camera.

I would gladly use manual focus just so the camera allows me to triger the shutter at the right moment. But my eyesight is not what it used to be so I have to rely on autofocus.

I miss a lot of good shots because of the focusing problem. My 5D, 7D and now the 6D and the k5IIs all have the same problem.

Do I have to switch to Nikon to get it done?

My OM-Ds (EM-5s until I got my EM-1 a couple of weeks ago) focus fast and accurately. I have a Canon 1DX too and it does likewise but for much more. I keep the Canon for the wides and the Olys for the teles. They´re brilliant.

The K3 is supposed to be getting rave reviews everywhere. Don't diss it. It's probably the biggest bang for the buck yet.

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Merry CHRISTMAS Dpreview!

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