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  • No because they show up on the captured image.
  • Replied in Sensor Dust?
    So when I go out and look through the viewfinder at the clear blue sky, I see the spots in viewfinder.  Doesn't that mean the spots are not on the sensor?  Where are they? Doesn't matter what lens ...
  • Good advice.  I watched a youtube video and he said the same thing.  Only use 2 or 3 drops.  When I tried dry cleaning the sensor with the Giotta air blower, I looked but couldn't see anything on ...
  • Replied in Sensor Dust?
    Thanks for the info.  Turns out, I have a few more spots than I thought.  I just ordered a sensor cleaning kit of swabs and fluid.   Hope that works.
  • Created discussion thread Sensor Dust?
    I've noticed just recently that I have spot showing up on my photos in the same place every time with my Canon 5D Mk III.  Happens regardless of the lens which points me to the camera.  I tried ...
  • David, forgive me but I'm new to this printer.  Is "regular black ink" different than the Matte or Photo black?
  • Thanks David.  Does the RR Ultra Pro Satin use Matte Black ink I assume?  I didn't see on RR's website for that paper anything about the type of black ink used.
  • Created discussion thread Late 2015 iMac monitor
    I am using a Spyder4Pro to calibrate my late 2015 iMac 27" monitor.  I wants to know what type of backlight it uses.  The choices are: - Fluorescent CCFL - White LED - RGB LED I contacted Apple ...
  • I found them.  Turns out I had the Air Print driver installed which was the problem.  Thanks!
  • Created discussion thread Papers for Epson P800?
    I just got an Epson P800 to replace my very old R1900.  The few prints I've tried on Epson Ultra Premium Glossy Paper look really good.  I'm just wondering what other P800 users are using for ...
  • I received my replacement printer. I think it's another refurb unit because of the way it was packed inside but this one works so that's a start. The instructions for return of the defective ...
  • So I can't talk to Adorama until Monday so i decided I'd give Epson a call this morning and see if they had any ideas.  They decided, as I thought they would, that the printer was defective but ...
  • Well I'm off to a very bad start.  There was no print head lock packing included and no transportation lock.  When I eject the manual feed tray out, the inner mechanism sticks on one side half the ...
  • My refurbished P800 came today and it had 80ml ink cartridges!  Can't wait to get this bad boy set up and start printing!!
  • Thanks all for the info.  Much appreciated!  I ordered an Epson refurbished P800 from Adorama for $699 which I though was a pretty good deal.
  • So this printer will deliver prints that are archival quality I guess is the way to put it?  i.e. client acceptable prints that won't fade over time?
  • Created discussion thread Epson P800 Ink Costs
    I am seriously looking at upgrading my old Epson R1900 which has served me well for years with an Epson P800.  This is not a small investment and I knew ink isn't cheap but holy smokes, a complete ...
  • Created question thread 7D MkIII?
    I'm in the market for a 7D to go along with my 5D MkIII.  In looking for 7D MkII information, I saw a Canon rumor about a 7D MkIII supposedly being announced at NAB earlier this month.  I can't ...
  • Ed, even pros can find someone else who knows more than they do.  Maybe not in your case but I'm open to better ideas.  Thanks tho.
  • Thanks for input everyone.  Really appreciated.
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