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Puzzled by how crappy the corner performance is even at f4 give the fact that it only uses the very center of the actual image circle. The DC branding seems well deserved in this regard.

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get the girl to a clinic to treat her anorexia instead of making her pose for blurred backgrounds!!!

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On article Olympus 45mm F1.2 Pro sample gallery updated (345 comments in total)

purple is my favorite fringe color, by far!

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BostonC: I was about to say G9 resolves so much better than GH5, slightly better than EM1ii and comes very close to XT2, then realized the new test is done w the PL42.5mm instead of the Oly 45mm. For years M43 camera test results were underwhelmed by this lens, except for EM5's that uses the Zuiko 50mm macro.

thanks for pointing this out

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buying it the day they will support Pentax’s 645 cameras

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It clearly shows the limitations of the lens :P

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Sdaniella: So as long as one can convert RAW to DNGs (for free)
(today, one can do so for free, without ever even using ACR)

and RAW has not changed
(like it hasn't changed for new G9)

you'll always have free RAW support

like in the form of DNG support
which is what many pp software support
like LR, Snapseed, PS, etc

DNG is also highly unreliable, and you will never know how long it will be supported by Adobe. Eventually you will probably have to pay for every single time you want to open any one of your files. That’s exactly why I only shoot 8 x 10 slide film. It’s an actual picture to look at. It’s the ultimate solution to all the uncertainties of our digital era as far as I understand it.

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On article Photo story of the week: Fire and Ice (182 comments in total)

Nice piece of memory for our Kids: »Look this is how beautiful Greenland used to be with all the ice, before the dire consequences of our extensive air traffic kicked in…« Love it!

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Photoshop version 1 yielded better results with simple sliders. Bizarre claims.

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if only there were decent lenses for the hx1d. such a waste

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Ban Hairspray? Just an Idea.

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One of the biggest shortcomings of the Samsung system in retrospect has been its flange distance, that didn't allow for adapters.

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@dpreview the mobile version of your website is rendered useless by ads. I cannot click through and access any content. I even have to close the whole window and start over. Maybe you want to fix this?

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so funny to give shift lens specs wo shift and tilt movements..

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On article Opinion: DJI has abandoned professionals (404 comments in total)

Now it will be only a matter of weeks until we will see a hacked modified version of their software surfacing on the internet. If you really want to inspire people to be creative start restricting their possibilities beyond reason. Very funny. You got to love the lawyers!

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Jozef-S: So setting up the camera for shots does count for nothing?
If you set it up under the tree and a acorn drops on the shutter, the tree owns the rights?

No. Nobody owns the Copyright. But you still have to pay the lawyers.

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imsabbel: This guy in an absolute IDIOT.

He is broke because he just couldn't deal with the fact that his original "Look at the image the ape took by itself" announcement underminded all his copyright claims and ruined himself trying to enforce them.

Notably, the only really remarkable part of this image is the backstory of it being an ape selfie, not the content. He could have used the publicity to get his name attached to it and better known, instead he tried to fight windmills.

No. He's just an ordinary guy in not so ordinary circumstances.

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AbrasiveReducer: I think, as we get older, we get more interested in others and their lives. The point is well taken, don't expect great photos of people unless you are good with people. That said, other than the bridge in the fog, this seemed to be mostly standard stuff, from hot air balloons to hood ornaments.

By the way, for those who focused on the gear, even in the glory days, a Cambo was the second to least expensive 4x5 monorail and these days you can probably get one for next to nothing.

Attaching digital cameras to the SC is easy, all it takes is a lens panel and a macro tube's bayonet to screw onto:

It's pretty useless either. The camera's movements are not precise enough for tiny sensors like crop or ff.

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Anyone interested in purchasing a Cambo SC after seeing this video? I have a couple of old ones lying around. Film holders too.

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Next great move could be to innocently apologizing and offering hot links for 2,49 a month. Would sound like a steal compared to 399/year.

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