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  • In my experience teleconverters can be very useful on big, fast primes, but not so much on an f/5.6 zoom. The problem you face, though, is that the 70D has an older-generation sensor so you may not ...
  • Yes. See the launch video on Youtube at 28:10: - notice the footer which has been added. (Edit: I can't get the link to go straight to 28:10 but it's somewhere near)
  • Maybe the rumour will turn out to be wrong - it could even have been seeded by Canon so that when they announce the real price of £2499* it sounds cheap! *Pure speculation obviously, and I don't ...
  • 4x the ISO speed combined with 4x the sensor area does in fact give you essentially the same image when 'normalised' to the same resolution.
  • What I mean is that this is the "version 3" in spirit, or as I said, not much more than. Effectively a successor to the EF 100-400L II, or close enough that it shouldn't cost nearly 50% more.
  • £2899 for the 100-500 is very high. I'm sure it will be very good but in manufacturing terms it's not much more than a version 3 of the EF 100-400L which launched at £1999 IIRC. Another reason for ...
  • If you're not too worried about 300 mm (because you'll use the new Sigma when you need reach), then that could make a lot of sense. It's a lovely lens.
  • Students of pop philosophy know this kind of logical fallacy as " reductio ad absurdum ". Shooting with 400 mm f/5.6 lens and applying a 2x crop in post does indeed produce a result which is ...
  • Yours is one of a small number of Canon lenses which are marketed as "USM", but what Canon doesn't usually mention is that they are an inferior version of USM known as "micro USM". The mechanism ...
  • The Sigma 40 mm f/1.4 Art is even better, but probably not of much interest as an alternative to a nifty fifty!
  • Personally I would still favour 600. 500 is a bit short on full frame, so when I had mine I used it with a 1.4x almost all the time, making a 700 mm f/5.6 and that was a nice length. On a ...
  • Great lens on crop, especially for the price, but why would you put a crop lens on an RP? Autofocus is much worse than the Mk II. They're both called "USM" but this is an inferior version. Best of ...
  • I believe waiting would be a mistake. Maybe EF lens prices will fall a few percent over the next 12 months, but I can say with confidence that there won't be a big price crash, because there will ...
  • Haha RF 28-70 f/2 owners won't agree ;-) I don't think that will ever be me though.
  • Replied in 600 F5.6 DO
    The way to understand this is: For reasons we don't need to explain here, if the aperture of a lens is expressed as "focal-length-divided-by-<whatever>", e.g. "f/4", then the brightness of the ...
  • Actually no, it just means it's a ratio - "1:4" is similar to saying "1/4". "f/4" means the aperture diameter is 1/4 of the focal length. For some reason the convention is for lenses to be marked ...
  • Created discussion thread Launch event on July 9, it's official and on various web sites internationally, including
  • Drop a slice of bread in to the slot at the back, then shoot some 8K video. 5 mins later you will have toast!
  • Replied in 600 F5.6 DO
    Look at it another way - the 600 III is f/4 and 3050g, so how much lighter would an f/5.6 (50% less area) be? It wouldn't be half the weight of course, but we still have the trump card - DO... Me ...
  • It would be enough to track the head - that would already be way better than the body or a wing tip. I'm looking forward to testing it out.
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