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Steve Balcombe: I have a DS413j which has run without issue for over 6 years. It runs quietly, the software is comprehensive, easy to use and easy to update, and it sends me an email once a month to reassure me all is ok. Highly recommended.

@ThorstenMUC - I didn't know from memory how long I'd had it so I just looked at the date of the date of the first notification - it was 2011-04-04, therefore six years. However I've just looked again and the next one was 2012-11-28 so I think we can safely conclude that the first one was logged before the system time had been set. So you're right, coming up to five years.

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I have a DS413j which has run without issue for over 6 years. It runs quietly, the software is comprehensive, easy to use and easy to update, and it sends me an email once a month to reassure me all is ok. Highly recommended.

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Viewed at 100%, they have a very 'consumer grade' look to them.

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It appeared in my CC Apps tab when I was running an update a few days ago. I didn't know what it was - sadly I didn't actually install it!

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PortableLover: Note to self: never donate any money to PETA. Ridiculous to ruin this photographer's life like that.

@blessingx - if you mean my response wasn't based on a knee-jerk reaction to 'one of my own' (a fellow photographer) being victimised, but rather on a history of conduct prior to this case - yes it was. And BTW I'm strongly against cruelty to animals, hunting for 'sport' etc., but this case is not about animal rights in any non-extremist sense.

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wetsleet: So if I trigger a speed camera, can I sue the state for breach of copyright if they use the photo?

Nice analogy actually.

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Almazar80: I hope people know that PETA is spending their hard earned money that they gave to the organization to sue a photographer because his camera was used to take a photograph of a macague. This picture has been an albatross in the photographer's life. Take it off. Give away the rights.

But not until he wins the lawsuit PETA launched against him and gets the money that he spent on legal and other expenses related to defending himself against their frivolous lawsuit.

What's next? I am taking a picture of the ocean and a whale surfaces and all of a sudden the whale is a joint copyright owner?

Not unless it presses the shutter button, but you may need to get a model release.

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PortableLover: Note to self: never donate any money to PETA. Ridiculous to ruin this photographer's life like that.

Absolutely agree. They're extremists, and extremists of all kinds do no service even to those who agree with their basic principles. I'm sure I don't need to give examples.

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toyz4me: Really disappointing that this is considered news, the images are pathetic.

I think you have slightly missed the point...

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seminolecapt: Surprised about some of the feature differences from the 7D Mark II. Fewer AF points (45 vs. 65), single vs. two card capacity (no CF), and lack of joy stick. I figured these would be included in the new 6D. I understand the reasoning (distance from the 5D IV and not intended for video). But given the 7D and 6D are supposed to have similar audiences, I am disappointed these features are not there. I am a big proponent of the articulating screen. I wish the 5D IV had that!

The 7D2 and 5D4 have similar audiences and are very similar in use. Not the 6D2, which is pretty much the full frame equivalent of the 80D - exactly what the more rational commentators expected. The 6D2 was never going to be a cheap way to get 5D4 performance.

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On article Nikon D7500 vs Canon EOS 80D (264 comments in total)

It's interesting to see that in some respects, though not all, the D7500 edges out Canon's older, cheaper 80D. The game of leapfrog continues :-)

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laith: 8 inches =20cm

Your conversion is correct of course, but just for info the Kickstarter page gives an MFD of 16 cm.

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D200_4me: I've seen way too many photos like this on social media. For the first several you see it's pretty cool. But after awhile, you get sick of seeing it. No burning steel wool will be swung around in front of my camera. I've seen too much of it already :-)

@WGChsv - see

I don't mention burning steel wool in the caption but it comes up in the comments and was probably correct.

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stratplaya: 1.5 days for 6MB of data. Talk about frustrating.

I'm old enough to remember the days of 9600, 14400 baud modems. 3 hours to download the original Doom demo.

But with that, the photos are super.

@stratplaya - and I paid a lot of money for a 2400 baud modem when 1200 was the norm, in the late 1980s. At that rate I make it about 7 hours to download a 6MB image!

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maxnimo: Nice, but this article would be more useful if it explained how I can get to Jupiter, the best camera to take with me, and what to wear.

- and how to avoid your gear being stolen.

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On article Analog gems: 10 excellent, affordable film cameras (808 comments in total)
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Jacob the Photographer: The Rollei35 with retractable lens. First made in 1996 and last made as the Rollei35 Classic but 95% identical until about 2015. Unfortunately the 'Classic' series was more targeted as a very expensive collectors item in a great variety of colors. But like its 1966 ancestor it was / is a extremely well made camera , the very first compact camera and even by today's standards a master piece of engineering. The cameras are 100% mechanical and only have a near for ever lasting battery for the light meter. More info can be found at the web site for historic rollei cameras :

I had the Rollei B35 - i.e. the cheap'n'cheerful version of the original Rollei 35. The B35 had a selenium light meter which used no battery at all - together with the very compact size and simple robustness it was perfect for me at the time.

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Mounting a ball head upside-down looks like a great idea until you try it, then you realise it has one MASSIVE flaw. As with any panning clamp, It only works with the horizon dead-centre of the frame. I guess it's better to have the ability than not have it, but a levelling base together with a ball head mounted the right way up is a much better solution.

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Had to laugh at the "You may also like" section (just above these comments) which presumably picks items to feature based on categories - humour in this case:

1) The 'Crapinon' is a 135mm lens made from discarded parts
2) We try out the new HassleVlad
3) Food photographers rejoice: Camera-enabled Samsung Family Hub 2.0 fridge quick review
4) Nikon announces midrange D7500 DSLR

I know the D7500 is getting some grief from the Nikon crowd, but I don't think it's meant to be a joke!?!

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I'm impressed by the tagging - it's considerably more accurate than when Flickr started auto-tagging pictures. But the ratings are all over the place.

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keeponkeepingon: Is this identical (optically) to the EF-M version?

As an eos-m owner my biggest question will be to use native or adapted.

Adapted gives me greater flexibility but a little bigger size. If optically they are identical I'd go with the adapted version.

As Helen says, plus they couldn't be identical (or even similar), as they are designed for completely different distances from mount to sensor.

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