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Should also add those to the con list:
1/ No black colour body option;
2/ Would be better if a bit smaller.

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Price seems a little steep especially with all the high cost accessories.... Knowing Sony, in a year or so, there will be a newer improved model :(

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smallcams: Great news! Fuji X200.

I am not even a Fuji fan but I have to agree lol!

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SkyDreamer: Buying in the US and bring the camera back to Europe will expose you to the risk of being caught at the customs, and then you will pay the VAT, the fines and undergo a trial. Here in France the custom officers are very serious about that, they even check the camera guarantee. Not to speak about the ridiculous "international guarantee" which Nikon doesn't honor in certain countries, to protect the exclusive distributors.

Well, maybe get it from EU countries with lowest price then VAT will not be an issue.

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Richard: The British sure get the shaft. When I convert the 2500 pounds to dollars. It would be $4119.42 Do you then have to add VAT tax to that? I am not sure how UK works. Americans buy that camera for $2999.99 if you buy it online. If you buy it locally you pay close to 7 percent state sales tax, or 3210.00

I guess you guys have to pay for that "free" health care system. Even your gas. I complain because our gas is now $3.65 for a gallon. I think that is why America broke awy from Britan, outragous taxes on tea. But don't worry, Obama keeps putting us deeper into trillions of dollars in debt and wants us to have a free health care system like the UK. I am afraid our taxes are going to skyrocket as well. Maybe someday our cost of living will be as high as the Brits.

Price of D800 is £2600 over here, that is inclusive of tax (VAT is 20%). For D800E even more scary at £2900!

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Riff-off Britain! Why something that is US$3000 in USA costs £2599 (US$4120) in UK?! Are we an easy target or something?

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