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Facebook needs to be forced to sell Instagram. Too much Power and control over two of the biggest social media platforms. I may be wrong but I think i read somewhere there are less than 1000 people that work at FB and IG and BILLIONS of people are using these two platforms

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Rolandigital: I don't understant why they are trying to compete with big guns from big guys. M43 advantage is small size. Especially now, when everything is going bigger.

Yes, Thank you !

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sunjester: Hopefully it will come with insurance that covers OMD-Arm. Going to be some stretchy arms out there.

Yes I stopped using Canon Mark III with the 70-200MM because the weight was giving me tennis elbow " :/

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SignumX: OM-G ๐Ÿ˜

EM-1 mk3

4K 60fps

Yes,,, I don't like the Built in grip ... But will buy this only if there is no MK3 a few months later..

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Anastast: You mean Pro camera, not enthusiasts.

Yes you are right ....Def Pro

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I don't see a huge difference quite honestly. Check my insta @steven_bagley007

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There seems to be a lot of animosity toward Samsung and the NX1, subsequently DPReview for the high rating it gave it. As an owner of the NX1 I have to say, that anyone took this camera home for a week, they would agree with DPREVIEW that this is in a class all it's own.

I was a Canon guy for many years (5DMark II +5DMark III) and initially bought the NX1 as a light back up camera to my Canon. However, since they day it arrived from Amazon with the Kit Lens,I have not used my Canon,,In fact I just sold my 5D Mark III last week. Did the side by side comparison on DPR and there was not a single doubt after that that I made the right decision

Finally, I just don't get the complaints about the new codec they put in. If you bought a new car with GPS Navigation would you tell dealer,"Put in the older outdated maps and navigaiton system in. I don't want the new technology in my new car". Just saying... Less vitriol against the NX1 please.

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