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nofumble: Wow. What's kind of business Nikon is running? eBay?

Oh do shut up Maloy. Your poorly disguised xenophobia really is laughable.

Actually Maico, UK online business contribution to GDP is now officially highest of any country full stop. Growth in this area eclipses, e.g. the USA.

Every country feels they get a raw deal. I'm sure our US friends enduring a recession worse than ours would also feel the prices there are expensive too.

In Britains case, it can be true. But living in Germany, there is plenty that is cheaper in the UK. The problem is we do not protest like the French, Greeks or Germans. TBH we are a bit of a soft touch, "mustn't grumble" is part of the Brit psyche. Companies take advantage - its sound business whether we like it or not.

I run a small business, and charge poorer clients less (student discount), and the types of services big companies are likely to need the most. My costs are the same for both, and I make a profit for both. The weakest at the negotiating stage end up paying more. Simply put, it's business.

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SkyDreamer: Buying in the US and bring the camera back to Europe will expose you to the risk of being caught at the customs, and then you will pay the VAT, the fines and undergo a trial. Here in France the custom officers are very serious about that, they even check the camera guarantee. Not to speak about the ridiculous "international guarantee" which Nikon doesn't honor in certain countries, to protect the exclusive distributors.

Full of great insight today Maloy.

Carry a shiny new looking big bucks camera on your shoulder (no doubt hiding the older one in your shoe?). Nice one. And you'd pay $600 euros for a flight to save 600 right? Got to laugh at some people, what with your earlier claims VAT and import tax don't apply for personal imports! I would ignore any "advice" from Maloy.

Zeepy is right. Amazon operates out of Luxembourg for this reason in europe - only 15% VAT (the minimum allowable level in EU), but even then prices differ. Try the 4 amazons in EU: .de, .it, .fr, .co.uk. Sometimes the UK is cheaper sometimes the french...

A tale:
I was recently looking at getting a lens posted to Germany from a Honk Kong company. Good reviews, fantastic prices. I spoke to them to check them out. They offered a guarantee that the buyer will not e asked to pay VAT or any further prices, saying VAT was included. Suddenly they stopped shipping to Germany...I guess they had to start honouring that guarantee!

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love it - that is one tame squirrel if he gave you enough time to lay on your belly and compose! The only thing missing is the bunny-rabbit ears behind the gnome!

from entry umber 6 :)

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agree a butcher is a butcher a fishmonger is a fishmonger, a baker is a baker etc.

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OMG why????

nicely shot though

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How'd you get this shot? The smoke is hypnotising!

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Rupert Bottomsworth: Bad move Ricoh. Now all your cameras will look like abominations à la K-01.

...and the GR / GXR is a beauty to behold? It looks like a polaroid in a car crash to me. But that doesn't matter as a camera should be judged by it's output.

The Q is a point in hand, great design, poor output (for the price if it stays so high). but it will have it's market.

Then there is the experience. Maybe the experience of a Q, or GXR is just as good as a K5 for the right people. K01 - I'm certain there is a market, and it's about time people realise that it's not only europe and USA/Canada that buy cameras. Japan is a quirky place with wild gadgets galore - is it a wonder that Pentax designs cameras that might appeal to or even target the asian market (about 55% of the world population). The narrow-mindedness on here astonishes sometimes.

Every camera that sells has a market or it wouldn't exist. End of. For me the d7000 was much to square, clunky and awkward - for the guy next to me who bought one it was perfect (he refused to try the K5 btw ... as it was a pentax).

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iaredatsun: On the surface this sounds like the worst move possible and potentially the end of Ricoh.

Like other commenters I have no confidence in Pentax's ability to design good cameras. They certainly could have never built such unique, well-designed and well-built cameras as the GRD and GXR. I think a lot of Ricoh users will be very nervous about this.

I could only hope that the designers who come up with the GRD and GXR are allowed to keep working as a reasonably autonomous unit.

Isn't it ironic that Ricoh buy Pentax and now Pentax are taking over management of the Ricoh camera division?

Certainly a lot of people smoking the good stuff

Pentax design bad cameras? Are you having a laugh - read any reviews of the K5, and see the praise reigning down on the design. The Q, like the concept or not (me not) - it is a mastery of design. K-01 is a polarizer - I quite like it, others don't - but it is well designed.

All of the pentax cameras are a bit quirky or different in different ways. Certianly they are innovative, digital spirit level ala K7 and every other camera-maker onwards for example.

Ricoh, on the same hand - is quirky and innovative. Why wouldn't Pentax support the Ricoh brand (unless their loss making is so extreme) - when their philosophy is so similar. but there does need to be buyers for the cameras...GXR?

Ricoh btw was the first camera i ever owned - so i have a soft spot for them. I like the idea of the GXR system, although I wouldn't buy one (not too portable with all those modules - esp. compared to some of the lovely pentax primes).

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