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Don't forget to checkout the new backpack water cooler/battery grip for the R5. Doubles as a hot water supply for coffee, tea, or even a hot shower.

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I've considered myself an advanced-amateur the majority of my photographic life. When I was considering switching to digital more than a decade ago the first site I found was dpreview. Over the years I've learned a huge amount from the information and reviews provided by dpreview and an even larger amount from the interaction with various forum members who are quite more versed and artistic than I am. Thanks for all the hard and high quality work and most of all creating a place and atmosphere for us to share and learn photographic information and technics. Keep up the great work and here is for an even greater 2018!

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Easy to see why it gets 5 stars! I've had mine for a few years and it has handled everything I've thrown at it - 7D, 17-55, 70-200, 100-400, 100L macro, 3 flashes, RadioPoppers, filters, cleaning supplies, spare batteries, cards, portable HD, 17" laptop, and a tripod. Fully loaded it is around 40 pounds but is still comfortable to wear. It's been on numerous flights and never had a problem getting through security or fitting it the overhead compartments. I've taken it to events where backpacks were not allowed but it was Ok since it was a camera bag. My only suggestion was to move the upper tripod connectors from the body to the top so you could open the top without having to unhook the top tripod connector.

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Right now I spend a average of $40/yr on photo software. Switching to CC would more than triple that amount. More than I'd care to spend but not outrageous. But, with the prospect that if I choose to end my subscription my software will stop working rather than just stop updating it is and always will be a no go - regardless of the price.

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$99/yr - No way in Hell!

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ryansholl: An interesting question in my mind, perhaps not in others:

Regardless of software used, a modified photograph in common vernacular has been "photoshopped" or "'shopped."

Suppose that will always be the case? If it is, will one day down the road people have to consult a dictionary to figure out just where in the hell that term came from?

So would photos manipulated via the new Cloud based PS be considered "clouded"?

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I agree with Dale 100% - my cost will go up by 2-3X at the minimum. Being a hobbyist who doesn't make much money on photography this price increase is unjustifiable and unacceptable and no explanation by Mr. Hendrickson or other Adobe executives would convince me to subscribe to the CC subscription model at those rates. Even if the monthly price was only $9.99 I'd still have to think long and hard whether I want to be tied to any form of software subscription.

Mr. Hendrickson's statement of what they plan on offering for the hobbyists really doesn't make sense - Lightroom CC enhancements trying to lure them into the CC subscription model? Apparently they are not listening to the thousands of posts from users saying they will not subscribe to the CC no matter what.

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Clint Dunn: The funniest thing about the litany of complaints here is that the majority of you don't pay for the SW...you use pirated copies. Go ahead...tell me I'm wrong:) For every Pro out there with a legit copy of PS is a 'Pro' doing $500 weddings on weekends with $2000 of SW they got off a torrent site.

Every PS user I know has paid for more than one version. Not a single one said they will pay for a subscription.

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Thank you Adobe for saving me money - now I don't have to debate whether upgrading to the next version of PS is worth it. I'll stay with CS6 until a competitor released a better product at a reasonable price. Not using CC at those prices is a no-brainer for most of us non-professional photographers.

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On article Mobile-friendly forums launched (102 comments in total)

Unfortunately I have to use a Blackberry and the forum menus do not work - pressing the menu button does nothing.

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On article Canon releases promised Firmware v2.0.0 for EOS 7D (104 comments in total)

Nice to see Canon see the benefit of updating firmware to enhance their cameras' capabilities. Too bad they didn't include other much requested features, like expanded exposure bracketing (5 or 7 images) and focus bracketing. Maybe there will be a 2.1 or 3.0 next year.

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Sounds like good idea...but, the top level menus and links to gallery images no longer work for me using Firefox 14.0.1. Clicking on the menus works but the mouse-hover doesn't open them menus any more.

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On article Canon significantly improves EOS 7D with firmware v2 (296 comments in total)

I suggested Focus Bracketing to automate focus stacking and was disappointed to see it didn't make it into this new firmware. From Canon's response 6 months ago I thought it had a chance to make it into the next firmware. Better AEB would definitely have helped HDR shooting. The larger burst size will definitely help when shooting airshows and the filename customization should eliminate me having to rename files when downloaded. Nice to see they are improving the 7D via firmware updates, hopefully this isn't the last firmware enhancement.

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It's a shame all the new Canon equipment is so expensive. All but one of the Canon shooters I know have decided not to buy the latest and are buying the prior generation lenses. Only one is contemplating the new 5D MK III but only after the prices goes down and only if he can get enough for his 5D MK II. The most frequent comment I hear is to the effect of not being able to justify the high prices unless the person can sell their photos thus it appears the majority of amateurs will be priced out of the new equipment market. Regardless of why the new equipment prices are so high the market size is going to shrink which in turn may result in even higher prices or prices not dropping over time. As much as I would love an updated 100-400 with the newest IS and AF the resulting price would make it completely out of the question.

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Outstanding response Nikki! As I've upgraded my equipment to near professional quality and gotten much move involved in advanced post processing I can really understand and appreciate all the expenses and time involved in doing high quality professional work. I am a little surprised at the number of hours spent editing wedding photos - I would have expected a lot more, maybe even double the 25 hours or so (I guess I still have a lot to learn about automating PP). Being a part-time owner of a family business I can also really appreciate all the expenses of running a business. It's not easy, it's not cheap and it is getting harder and more expensive by the year as more regulations appear and prices continue upwards.

Hopefully your explanation will open a lot of eyes on how hard it is to make even a decent living as a small photography business and that current wedding photography prices are actually quite a bargain.


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