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Hawaii-geek: In the final review, it will be interesting to learn which CF and SD is optimized for this D800

Good point. I bet the CF/SD cards to support 36MP files (especially RAW files) will cost a bomb. We are talking about each RAW image of 50mb. So if D800 can write 4fps RAW images, the card to support that would have to be 200mb per second ... it sure ain't gonna be cheap.

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Gigabit: I'm really disappointed that the D800 doesn't have an articulated screen for ease of video capture. I shoot with a D3, the best camera I have ever shot with (and that includes the Canon 1Ds MkII). When the D3s came out I couldn't justify the cost simply to do video and push the ISO a bit more. So when the D5100 was released I bought one principally to play with the video.

I have rarely used the D5100 for video with the screen simply reversed, i.e. flat against the back of the camera but always folded out to the left with the viewing angle being changed according to the shooting angle (usually from the hip) or to optimise the display vs ambient light.

Surely an articulated screen would not impact unduly on the price point for a D800? Most regular video cameras have them. The lack of one won't prevent me buying the D800 next month or perhaps the 'E' version. Does anyone know however why Nikon took this design decision for what otherwise has an immense specification?


Just bcoz they didn't have before does not mean people don't want them

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