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I should like to suggest to the architect of this undertaking that they consider seeking the position of Secretary General of the United Nations, as that would surely be a refreshingly relaxing change in comparison. =:)

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Marty4650: Any photo hosting site with "115 million active users" will be wanted by someone. Flickr may change hands, but it will still be around.

My only concern is that pricing and storage limits might change under new ownership. Right now, Flickr is a real bargain. (In fact, a "free account" gets you 1 TB of storage!) My Pro account is grandfathered at $24.95 a year for unlimited storage and no ads. All of that could change, when Flickr changes hands.

That pricing for existing Pro accounts is only temporary, however - in a year or two, all Pro accounts will rise to $50/year.

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Via Wikipedia, a little more on what QuantumFilm actually is:

"QuantumFilm Technology places a layer of semiconducting crystals - called quantum dots - on top of the [sensor] chip, which allows the chip to absorb more light, place more pixels in a smaller space, and create sharper images.

Using quantum dots is more efficient at capturing light than traditional silicon-based image sensor chips (capturing 90-95% of the light that hits it), giving the sensors higher sensitivity in low light as well as higher resolution. And while traditional image sensors read an image from top to bottom (which can create a blurred image when the subject is moving), quantum dots detect the entire image at the same moment, reducing the chance for distortion."

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Amusingly, it appears the 4K display is actually being used to upscale plain HD:


"In fact, confirmed a Sony spokesman told heise online that is not currently available to address the Apps display with native resolution, but with 1920 × 1080 pixels. The graphics chip or the panel resize the Full HD image then high or show each pixel to four times."

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On article Flickr brings back Pro account option (60 comments in total)

As an existing Flickr Pro subscriber, having read that press release, I was wondering what they'd said of relevance to me. Then it occurred to me - they were proudly announcing the price would remain the same for two years.

Quietly, Pro has gone from $25/year (or $45/two years) to $50/year.

The copywriter is to be commended, given nobody's pointed that out, including the DPR staff.

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backayonder: Who gets paid the photographer?

@backayonder: if your work is NoCommercial ("NC") licensed, or All Rights Reserved, the only way people other that you can buy your work is if you're approved for inclusion in the Flickr Marketplace. In that case, you'd receive 51% of net sales.

Flickr clarified the situation a couple days after this story appeared:


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backupgeek: Flickr making a profit printing your pictures, while you make nothing.

@Gregg Tavares: to be precise, if the license is one of the NoCommercial ("NC") variants, or is "All Rights Reserved", it isn't available for printing by anyone but the photographer. If your work is licensed thusly, you can apply for inclusion in the Flickr Marketplace - if approved, you receive 51% of net sales.


All in all, quite a reasonable set of options!

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Some additional details are now available:


- if you want your CC-licensed works to be automatically available through Wall Art, use one of the non-NC licenses. And vice versa: if you want to exclude yours from automatic availability as Wall Art, use a NC license, or "all rights reserved".

- you can choose to have your work made available through Wall Art, and be paid for it. In that case, request inclusion in the Flickr Marketplace, and their curation team will assess your work. Photographers receive 51% of net sales.

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BeaverTerror: I wonder whether the guy whose job it is to write this press release actually believes in the BS he's spewing, or if he's rolling his eyes with the rest of us.

"Not intended to be judged against other cameras"
"BOLD, yet refined expression"
"A rich palette of fine woods"

Good god, where is the cesspool they dug this stuff from? Clearly these cameras are "proving [to be] extremely popular", so much so that they had to close their design centre.

"Any sufficiently self-absorbed marketing is indistinguishable from trolling."

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backupgeek: Flickr making a profit printing your pictures, while you make nothing.

Alan G: do you have a URL for that percentage, by any chance?

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Skulls: Do you have to buy PC version if you already have the Mac one, or it's like Lightroom?

From https://shop.dxo.com/login_product.php#dop:

"You can activate your DxO OpticsPro software on 2 computers (Mac and/or PC) with the ESSENTIAL edition, and on 3 computers with the ELITE edition."

Sounds like you should be fine with any platform combination.

Link | Posted on Oct 31, 2014 at 00:29 UTC

I have no need of a desktop system, but the iMac Retina manages to pique my interest. That's a beautiful piece of design and engineering.

I'll likely wind up with an iPad Air 2 at some point - my current iPad Air remains a system I use routinely, and the surprise demo of Pixelmator suggests it might be a viable device for D7100 RAW editing. It'll be most interesting to see if that hope is born out.

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On article Tiny fps1000 high-speed camera boasts 18,500fps (119 comments in total)
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nerd2: 1080p200f looks very interesting (AND changeable lens too!) but price is bit too high.... Now we have 480p 240f (iPhone, and other android phones will soon support this ) and 720p120f (most android phones) on smartphones already.

http://vimeo.com/106557317 says otherwise.

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topstuff: This is what happens when they let western marketing people take over. I bet this was conceived and created in California.

It is something Ehrlich Bachmann would have said.

All we need now is for Canon to say that they "can make the world a better place".

> I bet this was conceived and created in California.

From http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/canon-s-new-camera-ads-focus-people-not-products-160595:

"Grey New York is executing the brand strategy, integrated creative, event, promotional and public relations work behind the campaign."

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Peiasdf: Wow, this is the longest DSLR superzoom ever made. Sigma and Tamron only made up to 270mm.

Nikon is a late comer to the superzoom scene (compares to Sigma and Tamron) but I guess with the price Nikon can charge they can afford better design and parts.

Not strictly - there was also Tamron's 28-300mm f/3.5-6.3. But, having used mine a fair bit (until the AF *and* VR died, a whole 18 months after purchase, and outside warranty), I wouldn't recommend seeking one out - quite soft at the long end, and prone to noticeable CA.

With three ED elements, I'd hope this is a superior performer.. !

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On photo Skating Pricess in the Your Best Photo Ever.... challenge (7 comments in total)

Absolutely beautiful, not to mention incredible timing. Simply excellent.

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