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After reading this article and looking at the photos the most meaningful takeaway for me is just how much room for improvement we have with current camera sensors! Can you imaging how much better every camera would be if it could capture full color information at every pixel on every photo! I imagine there will be a huge revolution in the next number of years where one of the sensor manufactures comes out with this technology in a viable form (sorry Sigma Foveon) and revolutionizes camera sensors. I can't wait!

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Is it really true that standalone Lightroom 6 owners will not get these updates? If so, I am both frustrated and annoyed with Adobe. I have purchased every Lightroom upgrade and have appreciated the softwares features and until now feel I have recieved what I paid for. But if they make me go the subscription route because they won't include features in the stand alone version I already paid for I might have to consider Capture One.

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Can't Canon come up with some great new sensors to go with their amazing lenses? I am getting tired of this very long delay for more dynamic range and image quality at higher ISO. Really Canon, REALLY!!!???

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Sounds amazing, but $2999.00 !?!?!? Wow that is a lot!

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I would disagree. It was NOT major news from Canon. Two cameras does not major news make!

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PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be more careful as to where the point of focus is on the test shots. It needs to be the same point on each camera. Just being in focus somewhere is not enough. I find it very hard to compare cameras when the photos have different parts in focus because the point of focus is different between them!

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The info about how to thread your camera strap is just plain WRONG!!! If you have ever used a rock/mountain climbing harness you know that you need to go through and then thread back (double back) the tail of the strap. That is the only way to fully secure the strap from sliding out. Here is a photo to illustrate the CORRECT way to securely thread any strap through a buckle!!! Hope it helps.


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I am really sad that nothing has been released for the E-M5. Hopefully soon!!! Or at least a message saying it can't be done. Either way, it would be nice to know for sure!

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Robert P Miller: I do believe some smartphone users would not mind better quality in low light to help with blurs and noise, but otherwise most are not candidates for a second body camera. They will simply accept the better quality sensors when they arrive in the smart phone world.

I like how the portrait of Sandor Barna was taken with a Canon 5D. Why not one of their sensors?

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