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FX37, FS7 or FS15 Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Mar 28, 2009
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F200EXR. Why no HD video? Fujifilm FinePix Talk Feb 4, 2009
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Pana fs5 vs fx35 vs sony w170 or w150 Beginners Questions Nov 23, 2008
FX35 v FX37 which is best? Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Nov 10, 2008
Successor to the F100fd is coming very soon Fujifilm FinePix Talk Nov 9, 2008
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Does Nikon make a compact that can take 3:2 photos? Nikon Coolpix Talk Aug 1, 2008
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Fuji. Please add a B-ISO mode Fujifilm FinePix Talk Aug 31, 2007
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX7 review Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Jul 22, 2007
2 Pannies (FZ50 and FX07) - 3 month's experiences Panasonic Compact Camera Talk Mar 12, 2007
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the ULTIMATE F30 test Fujifilm FinePix Talk Nov 25, 2006
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Fuji, where is Optical Image Stabilization on your cameras? Fujifilm FinePix Talk Aug 6, 2006