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It really doesn't do justice to the winners to take 1 photo from a series and show it alone. The architecture winner (no. 2 in this sequence) looks un-inspiring and drab beyond drab. Take their whole series and it actually catches the eye in a dramatic fashion.
I know DPR can't show all (say six) images in a series for each winner as the gallery would be in triple figures - but at least before anyone starts throwing brickbats at the judges and photographers, take time to peruse the works that make it a whole.

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On article MIT algorithm predicts photo popularity (90 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: It was very generous of her to compensate all the photographers whose photos were used in this study. Some people think that images online are just there for the taking.

AbrasiveReducer - I have to say your comment is one of the few instances where I'd like a "Poster mentally subnormal" button in addition to the Like button.

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Soggoth: The most important step is on the photo #11. That's where price jumps from $400 all the way up to $1750

The coating is very expensive - if you haven't used hard chrome coating you wouldn't know, but you can't just flush unused chromic acid down the drain - it needs careful handling and very expensive disposal.

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Soggoth: The most important step is on the photo #11. That's where price jumps from $400 all the way up to $1750

I suspect the finish is not brushing or blasting the alu - as that makes it vulnerable to fingerprints and finger print acid damage. Most likely it is hard chrome or equivalent matt coating.

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Soggoth: The most important step is on the photo #11. That's where price jumps from $400 all the way up to $1750

I know you made the comment tongue in cheek, but the machined solid alu block is pretty damned expensive - it's insanely labour intensive to get that finish they have and really cranks up the price. Personally, I'd say the red dot only added 300 to 350 at most.

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I liked the Pro: Customizable Fn button allows for direct access to ISO or white balance.


I'm struggling to think of a DSLR that doesn't have direct access to these quite important functions as separate buttons and not as a "will I be wanting to change ISO or WB today?" fn button.

Any other camera and this would be a Con.

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Photomonkey: Sadly DPR seems to be a magnet for people who can make foolish pronouncements on people that are doing great work in photography.

So you don't like the work.... snarky comments don't make anything better other than to inform the world that you are insensitive, unhelpful and most likely ignorant of the history and the business of photography.

Maybe if you studied the field a bit you might understand what it is you are seeing and why it exists and what came before and what are the trends and issues in that genre.

Quite - much of what is hanging in art galleries are commissions, by benefactors of artists, to document the life events of the benefactor and their family. The only difference is that in one case it uses oils and months of labour and in this it is days and Photoshop - yet inexplicably we have a clique here that look up to the former and down on the latter. What a difference a few centuries make.

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On article Apple patents remote control for iPhone camera (49 comments in total)

That remote looks a bit complex. Is there a nano iRemote to control the iRemote - preferably with a single button?

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Just a Photographer: Though an interesting product in itself this pitch is waaaaaay too long.
The boring video and voice doesn't appeal which will make it harder to sell his idea.

And probably wants to change the name from being a contraction of "Stuarts Stabiliser". But we should probably be grateful he isn't called Richard.

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arhmatic: All this camera bags are just screaming they are camera bags.
Just waiting to be stolen.
Terrible style.

Just put your camera in a pouch, then throw it into any bag, so it looks like any random bag.

If it's a larger SLR, then it might eb tricky, but with mirrorless and 2-3 lenses, you can fit it into any shoulder bag. And all this "protection" worries are non-sense. You are not in a war zone

@Eric - no need to be in a warzone - try photo/filming a documentary in Costa Rica - we were robbed 3 times in a fortnight. No violence - all opportunistic stuff - and it was the Peli cases that were targeted. I do have doubts that a bag that looks like a messenger bag would deter many pick pockets from trying.

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inti4444: I am more interested in a Camera review, DPREVIEW.
dpreview is way behind witha lot of cameras to review.
For example the sony rx10, etc ...
I have the feeling dpreview has changed the past year, such a pity that dcresource has vanished.

I have a feeling that DPR is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Digital photography is rapidly broadening beyond a "this camera has a fangly 5000 and 16 squoozats" and into "I have taken a photo and I want my friends/people/something to see/use it as soon as possible" and DPR will lose relevance quickly if they miss a trick. They must appeal to everyone from hardcore gear heads to professionals plus everyone up to and including people who back in the celluloid day "had snow at both ends of the film".

I suspect with time the 12+ page review here will be a rarity limited to cameras with genuine innovative features or 1D/D4 class creatures. I expect a 5 page round-up will be a norm - just to keep pace with the products.

Personally, as I just take photos, a review like the ones in DigitalRev combined with an ePhotozine/PhotographyBlog type view are more of use to me. I get an off the cuff handling overview + a feature set overview.

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David Rosser: Article is a bit behind the times. My year old Nexus 7 updated to 4.4.2 a couple of days ago.

Sorry - meant a week, not 48h - I've been through a 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 in 1 week so far.

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David Rosser: Article is a bit behind the times. My year old Nexus 7 updated to 4.4.2 a couple of days ago.

I do hope that is a joke. I know DPR get stick for reviews that come out close to the manufacturer EOLing the camera, but here they managed to get a well thought out 2 page review and 9 sample shots along with all the other stuff they are doing *in 48h*.

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On article TIME's top photos of the year (148 comments in total)
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InTheMist: Wow

I can't understand news organizations laying off photographers. Such a powerful media!

@marike - you are way off the mark its unbelievable. The Chicago Sun-Times is not immensely profitable. They have been slipping for a while. In 2004 they misrepresented their sales figures (a way of getting advertisers to pay more for space). In 2009 the filed for bankruptcy protection. They have been haemorrhaging reporters. In 2011 they closed their printing and moved it to being printed by the rival Tribune. This saved all of $10M.

They are desperate. They are slashing jobs for economic reasons. Pure and simple.
If you have evidence that they are sitting on an enormous pile of cash, having their yachts and private jets fitted out with gold taps and rolling cigars with $100 bills then bring it forward. Until then, all evidence points to them needing every cent.

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SteveNunez: I really like the look of this Nikon but am somewhat disappointed in the image quality as posted by the sample studio image for comparison. My Oly OMD EM5 easily beats it and as such I can't justify the expense of the DF (even though I truly like the look of the camera itself)......I truly hope the sample picture is out of focus as it looks too soft......big let down .......I think the Sony A7 & &r will be the cameras to beat this year pending the new GH4 (or whatever it's called)....interesting times ahead.

Compared with another 16MP sensor (eg the GX-7 which I have) and for below ISO400 there is no perceptible difference. On the other hand, above 800ISO and for textures like the sponge the difference is marked and very impressive.

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On article Adobe expands Photoshop and Lightroom offer (628 comments in total)

I think it is just a ruse so they can leak the whole planets email addresses next time. Maybe 150 million was not enough last time and they are shooting for 7 billion?

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Mark Smiles: If you are going to publish a paper with out pictures, you should write enough words to give your customers some editorial content where the pictures would have been.

This protest was incredibly lame.

Say a hotel was interested protesting the low wages they paid their staff so they decided to not provide all the services they charged their customers for, as a result they would not stock their rooms with clean towels.

This newspaper did not reduce it's price while selling less content.

Mark, Have you actually got the copy of Liberation in your hand? No. If you did, you would know that it is a broadsheet and the photos are most emphatically not thumbnails. There has been some reduction, but a thumbnail they are most emphatically not. But then exaggeration is sign of a weak mind.

I am inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume some idiot has gained access to your account and is posting ill thought out 'arguments' and signing them as you.

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