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Oof the worst kind of marketing, artificially limited supply

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RIP muscle memory, this is less useful than their previous product.

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My YouTube vlog is about to be a Netflix original.

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$3000 😂😂😂😂😂

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These will be great after the fire sale in a year.

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Thoughts R Us: To me this is a creative and bold design move by Fuji, coupled with substantial improvements all around WRT the viewfinder, the sensor, the AF, the color simulations, etc. In every regard it is a far better camera than the X Pro 2.

As to the controversy over the LCD, to me it's over blown. When I'm using any camera, I don't want to spend so much time looking at my LCD screen. I use my screen to initially adjust settings and then I'm off. Usually, no matter what the camera, I make adjustments when shooting without having to look at the LCD. And I try to minimize chimping, esp. when I have an EVF available to preview my settings.

I do think the sub monitor with the simulated film box top is a very fun idea. And who says a camera cannot or should not be fun? That's what photography should be.

@cgarrard bold enough lol. Is this like Apples courage?

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Introducing the worlds smallest image sensor...
Olympus & Panasonic: A worthy challenger!

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I like how everyone nit picks every review. No camera is perfect, no product is perfect. You can’t compare an older review and rating because the landscape has changed and expectations are naturally higher.

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Sony has now beat Canon for the most disappointing camera release...

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Gwynedd: Every time I look at gfx files I just think...nice but I see no difference from the D850 or A7RIII files.

They are definitely cleaner and sharper corner to corner than competing FF but diminishing returns are a biatch.

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i just came for the triggering 🍿

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Can I download a second card slot, a joy stick, some more DR and a larger bank account to afford those R lenses?

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Classic Nikon Qua... $800... nah boi I’m good

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On article Sony a7R IV review (1505 comments in total)

Advantages over A7RIII
- better grip
- better weather sealing (never had a problem with any camera shooting in pouring rain and blizzards)
- better EVF (tbh my eyes can’t see the difference between the A7RIII and Nikon Z7 or A7RIV side by side)
- better buttons (still waiting on backlit buttons)
- higher resolution (should have been in the A7RIII)
- muted shutter (it’s quite a bit lower pitched than the A7RIII)
- dual UHS-II slots (took long enough)
- better pixel shift

Worth $1000 over a new A7RIII? Worth $1500 over a used A7RIII?

IMO yes.

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Scottelly: Well, the 61 MP sensor pretty much says it all. The extras, like the dual UHS-II card slots and the new, high-res viewfinder, are a really nice upgrade too. I think it's a good update, and though I'd like to see full-frame 4Kp60 video capability, I guess Sony decided to hold that for the A7r V. I don't blame them. This camera is a worthy upgrade, and I think a lot of people will buy it. I probably will. I want the extra resolution mainly. The fact that this camera is much lighter than the Panasonic S1R helps me make my choice for Sony. I'm waiting to see what Panasonic's reaction to this A7r IV is over the next few months though, because I'd kick myself if I buy the Sony, get a couple of lenses for it, and then Panasonic announces a 72 MP S1R Mark II.

The problem with the S system are the lack of lenses and size of everything. It’s all huge, heavy and expensive. Your also basically forced to use Bigma lenses if you want options. It’s too bad Nikon, Canon and Panasonic chose to focus on body releases instead of just launching a single body with like 5-10 lenses.

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On article Sony a7R IV review (1505 comments in total)
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Niko Vita: Interesting comparison of 4th generation Sony to 1st generation Nikon. Can only speculate how the Z7IV will look like in specs.

This is a logical fallacy. You shouldn’t give Nikon any slack because it’s their first Z7. If Apple has taught us anything, being first isn’t necessarily an advantage (Apple is almost never first, but they tend to do it the best).

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WunWegWunDarWun: Nice sensor, now wrap an RX1 around it.


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Finally Nikon Z can have some ranking lenses 😂

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Let’s be honest, in 5 years the Japanese government will force Fujifilm to save Nikon. You will all be shooting Fujikons. Nikon is a couple of stumbles away from needing serious financial help.

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