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Simon97: I'm impressed! First, it has a good lens that stays reasonably sharp into the very corners. Full res shots are not as soft as I was expecting from this type of sensor. Noise is not too bad at higher ISOs even in high res mode.

I like the X10's handling of noise. A little is allowed to show rather than attempting to smear it with strong NR. Low contrast detail in darker area shows.

I had the S95 and while it is a fine camera, I was never "at home" with its jpeg rendering. To me, the X10 is the camera to move on to.

Now my conclusion is as simple as can be: If this were to fit in my pocket, the quality would be a acceptable compromise, but it doesn't, so at this point i would simply rather have a S100 that does, or m4/3 with a compact prime and a multitude of the performance that will always find a place in my bag just as well as this would.

As for the Love/Hate. That the performance isn't up to my standards doesn't mean that i can't still love the obvious care fuji has put into this camera, with the buttons and dials that are exactly where i want them, the ease of use and ofcourse the looks.

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