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On article Hands-on with Nikon V2 (455 comments in total)
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kenbass: I wonder how many people complaining about looks and it will never take good pictures has even shot pictures with a V1. Try putting a F mount lens on a V1 and go shoot some pics before complaining it will never take good pics. And as for looks of the camera. I have never had anyone say anything one way or the other about the looks of my gripped D700. Who cares what it looks like as long as it takes good pictures. Who cares what anyone else thinks what the camera looks like. Get over it.

I have a V1 that takes great pictures especially for wildlife. I use a 70-300 VR lens on it and I have a 810MM setup that is great for wildlife. It also takes great pictures with the kit lenses and all of my f mount lenses.

Ha ha - Spot on kenbass ...

I nearly fell into that trap once myself when buying a Lumix - I'd sorta had in my mind I'd be buying a black camera, but when the sales guy said "We only have the silver ones on stock" I actually found myself hesitating for a half second before I remembered the purpose of it was to take pictures, not pose for them.

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On article Nikon announces D600 24MP enthusiast full-frame DSLR (235 comments in total)
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3fifty7: I don't understand what this camera is for. Isn't it kind of a 5D MkII spec in an even lower grade body? And why are people calling it affordable? It costs nearly £2000. Two thousand pounds. For "entry level" FX? Photographers: save some money and buy a D700; videographers: I suspect you're partly to blame ;-) £2K is pro price for what could (and will, I hope) be pro performance, but in one of those fiddly little consumer boxes. Go ahead and make these toys, Nikon, by all means. Dazzle game consumers with bells, whistles, user presets and big numbers. And video. But what I would like, please, is a new improved D700 - i.e. a stripped-down D4 in smaller but still pro-grade body. I'd pay two grand for that. As a working photographer, I would use it. This... this is a lot of fluff.

Cmon Bill... surely ya gotta make up your own mind on these things!... if you read about it you will soon realize (from your own viewpoint) whether it should be classified as entry level or professional, .... or whatever.

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Tom Mounsey: No Support for Windows XP means goodbye Adobe for me. I'm sick of being mugged by companies like Adobe and Microsoft milking us every 18 months to stay on their merry-go-rounds.

I'm with ya Tom.

It's interesting they have us so well indoctrinated by now that we consider something at 11 years old as ancient!

They sure have got a lot of my money over the years, and yet when I was a kid I did not allocate even one cent to them in the 'lifelong budget forecast'! (that just shows my lack of vision)

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On article Lytro camera overview and discussion with CEO Ren Ng (101 comments in total)

Might be just the thing for surveillance video/photos!

The current ones are never clear enough to identify the suspect!

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On photo Flyaway in the Missed It by THAT much, Part 1 challenge (1 comment in total)

maybe rotate 90 so bird is flying upwards?

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