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Phil Flash: It'd be cool to see that camera with the new X zoom lens.

As I understand the standard kit lens will be the 14-42 X zoom.

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Austrian: Fast exposure compensation is a deal breaker for me. Panasonic advertised: "One Push AE adjusts exposure with a single press of the “Fn” (Function) button when it is over/under exposed, which is especially useful when shooting outdoors with open aperture or indoors with fast shutter speed"
What means that ? Adjustement before or after taking a picture ? How to choose the steps ?

On the GF1/2 you can adjust exposure by pressing on the wheel and rotating +/- up to 3 (IIRC - maybe 2) stops. GX1 looks like it has similar interface.

Only problem with this is the adjustment is "Sticky" unless you are in iA mode, and I've forgotten to un-compensate a few times.

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Nobody has said the X lenses are incompatible. The only features that are said to not work on the older cameras are the zoom related ones listed above, which are of interest mainly for video shooters. If you shoot a lot of video and really need power zoom, you can sell your GF1 on EBay for $500 more than you paid for it and buy a GH2 ....

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Prime_Lens: I am all over this news!
But I can not decide which one I should get..
These vs.. a rumored 12-35mm & 35-100mm that is constant large aperture.
Suppose to be larger aperture than 2.8, and I am thinking/hoping 2.0.


Oh yeah! Forgot to add the videos of 14-42 in action!


Good grief - and I thought the existing 14-140 Lumix zoom was expensive!

I'm pretty happy with the kits. I've had a GF1/20mm for a while, but I needed a short tele, so I just picked up a GF2/14-42 for $380 at the Lumix Facebook fan store.

I just don't like to change lenses in the field ....

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