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On article Here's our wish list for the Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II (621 comments in total)

If Nikon hasn't added it already, I'd like the ability to turn off Auto DX.

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This may be fun to own but I wouldn't buy it as an investment. Some day these will be on eBay with those overpriced Mamiya and Bronica special editions no one bids on.

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Havanai: Maybe I didn't read carefully enough, but I saw no mention of photo-black and mat-black. When you switch between glossy/luster papers and matte papers, do you still have to run a PK/MK black ink change like I do on my P800?

This is a BIG deal. The mechanical process of swapping inks was a printer killer that drove me crazy with my 3880. I replaced that printer with the P800 4.5 years ago and have never swapped black inks, and I've never had any problems with it. I expect the P800 will be my first Epson photo printer to last more than five years.

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iudex: Maybe I need to study the specs in more detail, but I see no reason for a Mk II owner to buy this Mk III. The same sensor, same speed (fps), same video rate, same EVF, the same display... and for 1800 USD? Pretty expensive firmware update. ;-)

Exactly. All I wanted was a higher resolution viewfinder and UHS-2 support in both slots. Couldn't even give us that. I look forward to Olympus explaining why they're introducing an $1,800 camera in 2020 with a 2.36M viewfinder.

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brycesteiner: I checked my Em-1 2 and it has ISO (LOW) now before the update. Is it different?

Wonderful! Thanks for the confirmation.

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brycesteiner: I checked my Em-1 2 and it has ISO (LOW) now before the update. Is it different?

Before updating I'll have to confirm that 100 was ADDED and didn't REPLACE 64 since I shoot about half my photos at 64. Having ISO 64 was one of the reasons I bought the EM1-2.

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These are nice bags, but what does Think Tank have against putting end pockets on their bags? The main complaint I have with my Retrospective 5 is the lack of useful end pockets for stashing a water bottle, sun glasses, strobe or any number of other items.

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PWPhotography: Seriously, how many are still shooting with film these days? Just for showing unique and difference rather on IQ I guess - hey, look these are taken from film ;-)

Well said. I shoot film just because I like to. Film, digital, instant, alternative process – it's all good and I'd hate to see any of them go away.

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Satyaa: Hopefully Tamron will read this article and comments, so...

Please bring Z mount lenses soon. Keep them reasonably lightweight. Not everyone needs ultimate quality with lenses weighing a ton.

Please also keep the zoom direction the same as Nikon lenses. It doesn't seem to matter for many but does matter for many others!


It's not just engineering, Tamron also needs a market for Z lenses. Right now the number of Z camera owners is extremely small. Even a year from now Z ownership might not be enough for Tamron to enter the market. Plus they have to calculate how many Z camera users will potentially buy Tamron lenses. As has been stated in other posts, some people will only use Nikon lenses.

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With all these new camera announcements, I'm guessing this year's Christmas pricing will be expecially attractive on older cameras. I may be tempted to break my resolution not to buy a new digital camera this year.

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It's easy to understand the attraction of film if you look at the overall fascination with obsolete technology. There seem to be lots of guys who enjoy using tube amps, muzzle-loading firearms, manual transmissions, TV antennas, Morse code, vintage computers and other devices from earlier eras.

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The only thing Canon and Nikon can bring to the mid- and high-end mirrorless market that Fuji, Sony and Micro 4/3 don't already deliver is full compatibility with the hundreds of lenses available for the existing Canon and Nikon mounts.

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wklee: Hope it goes well for Nikon. The last time they had a different mount was when they still sold rangefinders?

The CX mount of a few years ago. Not sure if it's still in production.

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MyReality: "One of the best ...", so it is not the best. It is in a tie with some other ones. Which ones are they, maybe they are just as good, but less expensive?

Exactly. Plus it's kind of a back-handed compliment calling it one of the best MIRRORLESS cameras. Just say it's one of the best cameras.

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Sacher Khoudari: What are the remaining SD-Card alternatives to Sandisk? Transcend? Sony? Panasonic? Samsung? Toshiba? What else?

Any opinion on their quality?

I'd buy Delkin before those other brands. I've always split my memory card purchases 50/50 between Lexar and Delkin and never had any problems with either.

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Wow, lots of comments but none stating the obvious! Since the porn industry is usually the first to apply new personal technology, I could see someone offering this to drone around a private estate or beach staffed with frolicking naked bodies. They'd make a lot more money than offering drones over a desert.

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On article Hopes of Kodachrome relaunch put on ice (162 comments in total)

Setting up a film processor and disposing used chemistry isn't rocket science. What likely put the brakes on a Kodachrome revival was when Kodak projected the number of photographers willing to pay $10 a roll for the film and $15 to have it processed.

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Seems the lens could be smaller and less expensive if it was a straight f/4. I don't see a huge advantage of having f/2.8 at 12mm. Same with my Fuji 18-55mm and Nikon 16-80mm.

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The Super Bowl really needs to start using numbers like they did this year. Those Roman numerals are lame. SUPER BOWL LI ??? Looks like it's being played in China.

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On article Nikon D3400 Review (403 comments in total)
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Jon Porter: You do the camera a disservice by narrowly categorizing it as just for novices. Nikon's tiny SLRs are excellent for travel, vacation or snapshot photography – anytime you want a light, compact camera to carry around. Plus, unlike the higher-end SLRs, they can use almost every Nikkor lens ever made. And they're one of the least expensive cameras you can buy thanks to Nikon's heavy discounts, the refurbished market and the glut of them on eBay. When I shot FX I always had a 3000 series camera as well.

I was referring to non-AI lenses. I think the meter-coupling prong can be locked up on the DF, but most of Nikon's upper-end cameras have fixed prongs, making it impossible or at least highly inadvisable to mount older lenses.

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