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pro photo 2011: The Fujifilm H-X1 is the most well-specified camera among the competition for the $1899 price. The Olympus EM1 Mk. 2 costs more but has fewer features, particularly in the video department. The Panasonic GH5/G9 and the Sony A6500 also have fewer features albeit costing a bit less. I will buy the H-X1 over the X-T2 simply because all the new stuff are worth the extra $300.

for what a camera does?...

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Iloveaircraftnoise: List price here in Australia is around $5,300AUD. You North Americans are extremely lucky.

True, we just go bankrupt for medical bills

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Dictator edition or cartel edition?

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I'm using the A6000 with the 16-70 zoom and the 32mm touit and it's a great alternative to my 5D3 with ZE and L lenses, when I need to travel light but still get excellent IQ.

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PowerG9atBlackForest: Leica:
What they do and what they don't - it is their affair.
What they bring forward is an offer. Feel free to accept or not.
Why complain?

are opinions ok?

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ktzuguttenberg: Had the jury tomatoes on the eyes?
The worst year in this photo contest: compose all - nothing is real
Well - in Spain, Greece etc. fake is everything, even the balance sheets of the Staten

As long as you don't insult england or germany we will all be fine

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