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So... if I understand correctly what dpreview has said: Canon did not come up with the new latest technology. Neither did they apply the best technology that they had previously. They mix and match so and so functionalities, and position the product in such a sly way in order to make most profits from customers. So, if you are stupid enough (and we know you are), what caused you to purchase it?

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On article Fujifilm GF 23mm F4 sample gallery (90 comments in total)

It is only F4 and why is this lens so expensive? It's around $2,500. Is there anything so special about this lens ?

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These days, the business decision like this is mostly from the stock owners who know nothing about the photography but only cash flow. And they will be pretty happy now since Samsung stock jumped over more than twice the price then.

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On article 2017 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $900-1200 (478 comments in total)

What camera is the one in the left of the picture above?
It doesn't seem to be the one in the contenders.

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On article Roadtrip Review Redux: The Fujifilm X100F (173 comments in total)

I don't know... But those pictures in this article ... I think that I can take them using my iPhone 7. Maybe better. Maybe even better with Snapseed.....

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kewlguy: Finally, a true leica camera

Also, affordable...

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princecody: Curious will there be a Leica branded GH5?

villagranvicent: I think that Fujifilm will eventually do that... Right now, it is very close to "Q", but not enough... Hopefully in a few years...

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OK, 0/0 is a supremely high number....

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Betico: Japanese design + Chinese fine craftsmanship = an unbeatable camera.

JD + CFC + American Marketing = $1,999

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On article Sony Xperia XZ scores 87 in DxOMark Mobile testing (35 comments in total)

So, we can safely assume that the new Sony HX-350 camera's image quality would be worse than Samsung Galaxy S7 phone camera... Interesting that image quality from a cell phone is better than that from a huge "real" camera.

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On article Camera+ updated for dual-cam compatibility and Raw (14 comments in total)
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fullstop: Try Pro Camera more expensive but better

ProCamera is a lot like Sony. You always have to go through menu. For example, to switch from 1x to 2x you have to do it using a menu. And many other usual things also. I dont't like this app at all. I bought it, but I never use it. If you are a Sony person, them maybe this can be a good one. A lot of goodies "in the menu".

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On article Fujifilm launches X-A10 as entry-level X-series model (166 comments in total)

It looks so stupid to take a selfie using a camera with such a huge lens attached. No one will buy it for a selfie. I don't think that this camera has any place in the market. Sony a5100 is the way to go.

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On article Next level: iPhone 7 Plus camera review (193 comments in total)

I upgraded to iphone 7 plus, experimented for a week. My previous phones were ... Note 2 -> iphone 6. Using the two phone I took more than 30,000 pictures. My conclusion after some experiment is: "All I need is iPhone 7 Plus and SnapSeed". This is just another beginning of the process of removal of 1" sensor high-end cameras such as Sony 100 series from the markets. And it's only going to be better every year. You won't need a Sony RX100 for casual photography and printing in reasonably good quality.
I also use it for document capturing using MicroSoft Office Lens and thanks to 12 M pixel , 3G memory and faster processor, it' actually completely enjoyable to use. And thanks to 50mm, I can take pictures of presentation in further distance.
But the real value would be the Software. Photos app automatically does the organization of photos - by places, date, faces. I can even create a movie out of pictures with just a single button and share.

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The camera faked the mother nature in the first place since it lacks the dymaic range. Later technlolgies try to compensate it. Especially when the image is completely blown out, there is no reason why we have to oppose. So, fake done by the camera is OK? And fixing the fake done by camera is not OK ?

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On article Fast Five: Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V Review (425 comments in total)

Camera is supposed to be just simple. We adjust aperture, shutter speed, and in digital, ISO. And if slight automation is needed, exposure compensation(+/-). I have went through various several Sony cameras for last several years, and I feel that Sony is a genius in making this simple process so complex, confusing, uncomfortable, and unergonomic. By the time I set up the right exposure, the moment is gone. Eventually, I gave up and I use the "the last Sony in my life" simply as a "Aperture Priority-Only Camera".

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Charlie Jin: The reason why Sony insists $3300 price tag is that Sony knows its loyal customers are not smart. They are buying at $2600 even though Canon's is $1900. So, why not just increase even more? They will be still buying anyway ;-)

I was right. They will be still buying anyway. Sony should have priced it at $3900 ;-)

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The reason why Sony insists $3300 price tag is that Sony knows its loyal customers are not smart. They are buying at $2600 even though Canon's is $1900. So, why not just increase even more? They will be still buying anyway ;-)

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Charlie Jin: I think that it is a matter of view point. They would call it "redistribution", not robbery.

Since poor people's lives are robbed by rich people, it is natural that they would feel robbed resources need to be redistributed.

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I think that it is a matter of view point. They would call it "redistribution", not robbery.

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White Theme looks prettier and maybe good for marketing, but Dark Theme is easier on my eyes, saves my laptop's battery. Also, it sort of symbolically represents the "Dark Room" tradition of photography. So, I switched back to the Dark Theme.

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