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cosinaphile: i do not understand, at all, this glowing review.... this 1 inch is under performing dramatically against similar sensor-ed sony cams... iso 1600 on the sony rx looks like iso 125 on the panny a vary bad showing IMHO.

my smaller sensored fuji x 30, with fewer megapixels, blows this panny away
at all ISO to 3200 really .....your studio scene confirms this as fact.... above that both cameras look horrible ...so where is the 1 inch sensor advantage here ?? gold? and the exquisite pen f [ which i own ]get silver ....reallly!!! ....
the final conclusions of these detailed informative reviews,,,,and your precious metals badge for many reviews . border on nonsense.

i am so waiting for a decent camera like this one with an x30 type evf a 1 inch sensor with great processing and a worlfd class lens ...i wanted to love this camera, and im disappointed.

What fuji camera do you own? I got a feeling i have the same camera as you and if thats true then i will hold onto it for a little longer.

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