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Gerdy: I note the Blackberry 64Gb model is quoted as $299.
In the UK we can now pick these up for £129 ...and i did .. last week. Kinda puts a whole different perspective on things.
Very pleased with the unit and that 64Gb of storage should holds quite a few pics. Fantasic OS. Apps are very poor so in some respects I've got quite an expensive photo frame :)

I would agree. I purchased the 64gb model. The price point being the key factor. Re: Apps in 100% agreement, they're all but none existent, cest la vie. The device has potential but it's just complicated when it comes to photographic usage. Not impossible but you would need a BB Phone to take advantage of ... Me thinks

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scott_mcleod: So are these new lenses only going to be available in silver *or* black, depending on model, but not both (like the silver-only 45/1.8)? Considering the (questionable) color range of the PEN bodies, this just seens weird...

In total agreement. Scott...
I love the idea of the Olympus OMD. The silver model is nice but I for the purposes of not wanting to stand out would go for the black and as such would like my lenses to be black... I notice that majority of prime lenses are silver. So this is a concern. I do hope that Olympus do give us consumers a choice as in black lenses.

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