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It's good to see the variety of stuff Panasonic is coming out with for M4/3 these days. Collapsible electronic zooms, and now large aperture (for a zoom).

Come on now Sony, too much innovation in the bodies, and not enough in the lenses. Get some nice stuff out for E-mount :)

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Rachotilko: Hey, for $469 you can get this:

It seems digital photography's golden times are over:

Some 4-7 years ago it was possible to buy P&S compact cameras with excellent optics and 1/1.6" sized sensors for reasonable price. DSLRs were expensive, sure, but their prices descended constantly.

Then the 2008 came, and P&S compacts started their descent into the hell of disposability with a complete disregard of any decency optics-wise (too much of a decentered lens lottery) and the crazy MP and MZ races.

As I am not keen on mirrors (& resulting bulk), so my hope was named "mirrorless". I also hoped mirrorless stuff gets cheaper over time, basically replacing both DSLR's and small sensored compacts. But the opposite happened with mirrorless equipment prices rising each new generation.

Nowadays, the only option for me is a DSLR as the compacts turned rubbish, and mirrorlesses are offered for these exorbitant prices.


The large-sensor P&S market is hardly on the verge of extinction - the Canon G1X is the most interesting development in this area for a while.

But your other point about the price of the M43 system I believe is unjustified. The newer generations are more expensive yes, but you can pick up the previous generation cameras (which in many cases are still being manufactured as the 'cheap' alternative) for prices cheaper than any DSLR.

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