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Weegee: If GoPro merged with Kodak, it would produce a "powerhouse" American company once again!

Very funny. how much is zero plus zero?

A young whippersnapper at Kodak in the early 70s presented a prototype digital camera (<1mb, floppy disc, external wires, etc.. you get it) to management. It was rejected because FILM WAS THE FUTURE.

Typical, arrogant, shortsighted business practices. Very few learn from these mistakes.

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On photo Hot Steam in Cold Snow in the Hot - Cold challenge (23 comments in total)

Nice. There's a lot of PS going on in the smoke trail.

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If the dynamic range is anything close to film, it will be very impressive.
I wonder, except for mapping and surveillance, if anyone will photograph anything we all want/need to see.
I imagine even present state of the art lenses will have to be redesigned, with even tighter distortion tolerances.

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Ashley Pomeroy: Well, that's that. I took my X10 and smashed it on the ground, and spat on it - and then stamped on the bits. And then I took the box and SET FIRE TO IT. And then I cut marks in my arm because I was so upset. Life is basically not worth living any more, and I hope the people of Fuji who WRONGED THE WORLD like this suffer for bringing such sadness to the world.

In fact I've half a mind to go to Japan and erect a large screen around Mount Fuji, because I'm sure the people who live in the surrounding countryside don't want to be reminded of this... this perversion of all that is good. If you have an X10, please mail it to me so that I can smash it for you.

I'll have what that person is smoking ;-)

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These look like EXTREME highlight examples. They had to darken everything else to show the bloom. What part of the frame is this? What's the magnification? Bottom line, People: IT'S A POINT AND SHOOT CAMERA with a digital sensor. Even FILM would have had a problem with the range of shadow/highlight shown.

It's good Fuji acknowleged a problem, and if a firmware update will help lessen the bloom at lower ISO's, that'll be great. But if not, shoot a wide bracket and combine the exposures. Or, reposition yourself so the highlight is not so severe. Or don't use flash if possible. The response of this camera is such that flash is not always necessary. Solve the problem with photographic SKILLS.

As for the camera not turning on. You must be sure to turn the lens ring all the way to 28. In between on/off and 28 won't work, and the little orange light on the back of the camera will warn you. Been there done that.

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I am a longtime still photographer. I've used the video feature on my 5DII only once. Where I work, we sell tons of gizmos -- brackets, handles, extra viewfinders, focus pullers, mounts, and mics for DSLR video use. An amazing second market industry has sprung up around these cameras to help make them into professional camcorders. Rube Goldberg would be amazed.

Hey, everyone needs a job, so I'm not knocking it at all. It's just funny to see the size & expense of a 5DII balloon to twice its original, to the point of equalling a pro camcorder. And I'm sure there are pro camcorders that allow simutaneous shooting of stills.

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