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Gazeomon: Another entry level Nikon masterpiece, which makes upgrading from the D3300 an absolute 'must', especially with not having this horrible GPS anymore. Keep it coming Nikon we are so excited about Your innovative spirit and bargain pricing. Can't wait to get my hands on the black Nikon plastic with a new number on it.

oh the sarcasm :P

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On article John Stanmeyer wins World Press Photo of the Year (82 comments in total)
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Shuturpiehole: It sounds like most of you live at home with your moms and have a hotplate in your bedroom..stop whining and get out there and shoot!!!

couldn't have said it better myself!

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On article John Stanmeyer wins World Press Photo of the Year (82 comments in total)
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nickthetasmaniac: If people haven't read he Nat Geo article that this was shot for, I highly recommend it - fantastic journalism.

do you have a link to it?

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On article Happy Holidays from dpreview (114 comments in total)

Same to all of you! Keep up the good work!

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Always happy to hear about these updates~! Got some shooting for the next two days! Wish me luck~

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You guys should really feature Brian Smith's cover for this camera you know...

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Jim Radcliffe: I'm not a huge fan of using camera phones for photography but I think most of the negatives here are really missing the point.. Consider what was used to take these photos.. don't try to compare to a DSLR or high-end point and shoot.. just remember what was used.. and then it's pretty damn good.

I took one of these photos and ran a little noise suppression on it and it cleaned up very well.

Just remember.. it was taken with a camera phone and don't take it as a threat to your beloved _____________ (fill in the blank)!

Pretty amazing technology... and that is not to discount the skill of the photographer.. it just shows what can be done with a minimum of equipment.

finally someone who makes sense!

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Kim Seng: I was on shopping today and I came to a well known camera shop in Malaysia and I asked the shopkeeper on how is the sales of all the branded expansive cameras. He told me that all the expansive branded camera sales are simply not moving. The only best sale camera is the FUJI polaroid camera. That shows that the economy is not good. Cost of living has recently gone up. The cost on houses are really really that expansive. People are working for end needs. They can only afford Fuji polaroid camera. I think the new models of cameras are coming out too fast. I brought my V1 a year ago. Now V2 is already out. I like V2 but I simply can't afford another now. Maybe spread to 3 to 4 years or 6 years before I can afford another new model. Nikon V1 is a good camera but V2 is what I can only dream of. Sorry Nikon for no sales on V2. Maybe at reduce prices I can consider buying another.

which shop? yeah as a Malaysian myself, it's hard to even own a house and a car with the average income, while working your life out of it. you're basically a slave to your work and earning an amount that's just fairly enough for your daily expenses.
that's why I tend to purchase old lenses as they're affordable. no ones gonna peek into every picture I take for noises and image quality and say "oh he's not using an L lens/G lens/ non-DX lens!"
as long as something that makes my client happy then it's all good.
I also buy most of the accessories from eBay as they're cheaper, like something's RM50-100 cheaper than any camera shops out there. that itself saves me a lot.
nice to meet you btw. cheers. happy shooting

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I have a list of to-buy lenses. And if I have a tad of extra income this month, i'll save it up to purchase the next in the list. Well, just bout a Tamron 17-50 yesterday because I decided to go for the Lumia 720 instead of an iPhone 5, so it makes me have additional money to spend on that lens.

So yes, I really have G.A.S.

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I thought the camera still focuses when you have an aperture smaller than F5.6 or F8 right? I don't really understand this... Does it mean that it will focus better now at F8? Thanks

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reading the comments is so fun, as always.

but the white one sure looks sexy, will consider if they drop the price

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On photo Love... in the Husband challenge (1 comment in total)

just beautiful. Bravo for taking this picture

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I really like this, keep up the good work.
But I wonder how did he get such good DoF with a wide aperture? Has to be taken with at least F8, but correct me if i'm wrong.

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