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Looks great and I am looking forward to returning to DSLR bodies after going from K20D to K-01 (yes, I am one of those weirdos). I love my K-01 but this hits all the high points that I want: viewfinder, variable screen (finally!), and weather sealing is great. I'll probably keep my K-01 and use that sweet new 18-50 zoom.

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This is a great review of digicams from years past. I remember some of these as my family was an early adopter of digicams back then. These kind of reviews always make me think that if someone went back in time and showed even a basic "disposable" P&S to an engineer from 1995, it would blow their mind. The technologies we have now and take for granted in digital cameras (1080p video, wifi connectivity, GPS, multi-gigabyte flash memory, etc.) seem all the more incredible when you consider where we came from. Heck, even when I look at the early digital SLRs from even 10 years ago the comparison is startling. I look forward to the days of inexpensive 4k video and full-colour holographic images!

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HSway: Just as lumix g1 marked one beginning, canon with this release is launching a second type/branch of large sensor compacts users were calling for years. You will hardly ever please everyone (the line sure will have its own evolution) but I can’t help but appreciate this piece of work. And I like the natural transition from their G series which in form of GX looks like a nice continuation of the G line success. Hard to tell why they delayed this solution that long, not exactly tactical, too. But they carry on what they were excellent at by bringing it on a new and adequate level and it indeed is imo enough to make it a meaningful alternative – in pretty saturated market. Making interchangeable-lens cs is still an option - if they want. Unlike the Nikon1, I see it a distinct and making sense move.

Agreed. I've been stunned at how much negativity there has been regarding this product while it strikes me as being a very perceptive strategic product. For me, this camera represents the perfect back-up body to my DSLR kit or indeed, a worthy travel camera when I need a less obtrusive and heavy photographic tool. I am not looking at investing in another system, I just want a competent, reasonably small, good image quality package that handles low light well. The G1X seems to fit the bill nicely.

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As the owner of a complete DSLR system (Pentax) I have begun to watch the mirrorless market very closely as an alternative or back up body to carrying my DSLR around. Going out to a function or just out and about, a DSLR with a bag, strap, and spare lens (or not) is a weight burden and very obtrusive. More often than not, I'd rather leave the kit at home. With the variety of mirrorless cameras on the market right now it's become a real question to me if I sell my whole DSLR kit and move to a new system or just buy a system camera with a fast aperture lens to carry around.

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