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  • Interesting. Wasn't expecting the update to be dropped so silently. I wonder what the TDP of the 6 core variants is vs. the 4-core and when the iMac updates will happen. I recall complaints over ...
  • Not only does price tracking help avoid falling for fake sales (where the retailer hikes the price and then artificially drops it), but some cards such as Chase Sapphire offer hundreds in refunds ...
  • Nvidia appears to be doing more than merely fixing noise. PS, DXO, Neat etc etc can't reconstruct images like that.
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    It was big enough to deliver a sound drubbing in your ill-conceived (and staggeringly foolish) thread: " Should people who don't own cameras advise photographers :" Ouch, that's gotta hurt!
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    Yes, some form of perverse pointillism (imputing false conclusions from provided data points), twisted heuristics and crippling biases (confirmation etc) are in play.  These people have a real ...
  • Let us know when Neat can transform the image at the far left into the one at the far right: M'kay?
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    Phil, this ^guy^ is a certifiably ignorant simpleton who derides ink and paper solely on the basis of price-- a boon to marketers, who are all to ready to exploit such demented superficiality ...
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    Being a shill for honesty is a great trait to have. Many Canon users find it hard to admit that the Canon 5D IV has a massively worse sensor than the D850's. My gallery images are better than most. ...
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    Your experience parallels mine, except that instead of Canon, I was stuck with another notorious foot-dragger--Nikon. Yes, in this industry, it's either swim or sink. Diehards, for all their hot ...
  • You said "Name a single lens by an off brand camera company that Canon or Nikon doesn't have or have better (i.e. longer, wider, or faster)" and I named a few.
  • Interesting test, thanks. I'm surprised at how loud the Sony A7R III was. And neither Canon was in mirror lockup mode. The T7i was louder than the 6D.
  • The Sigma 500 f/4 equals the Nikon 500 f/4 FL in sharpness and eclipses it in AF hit rate, per Brad Hill's well-publicized and exhaustive testing--all at half the price. The Sigma 50mm ART trounces ...
  • @DHL
    You broadened his statement to encompass "people" and affairs outside its original construction.

    That is disingenuous. Learn how to read.

  • My camera is bigger than yours, tough guy. Anyway, the A7xx series shutter is significantly lower in dB than the mirror crash/shutter smash of a FF DSLR.
  • Oh, I know all about them all right. Just in case you didn't know, a clue is in the underlined sentence "what you can hear is the mirrors flapping and banging inside the dslr cameras."
  • You're right. For as small as the Rx100 VI is, 200mm is awesome to have! Plus it has a much larger sensor.
  • Don't know yet. Here's a 4K video at full zoom of the moon:
  • The new Nikon P1000 has a 3000mm zoom. Juxtaposed with it, one realizes just how very small 200 (or even 280mm) is!
  • IRRELEVANT. That's not how they are used--and for good reason. The D850 locks focus on the first frame. USELESS! NONSENSE. We're talking about deafening mirror slap here. SILENCE!
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