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Should have been a square fomat sensor, no excuse not to have one with mirrorless. A three position button could mask horizontal/vertical/square images in the viewfinder.

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Does using this denoise mean I can improve the resolution of an image? For example could a picture from a Canon 20D (8.2mp) RAW file end up looking like a much larger MP file and can when enlarged to poster size be similar to a print from a Canon full frame camera?

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I also use a shorter version when I use umbrellas. The diffused light fills the brolly instead of having a rectangular light shape lighting the modifier. I lose 1/3 of a stop.

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Even cheaper is something which gets thrown away. A plastic milk carton which is diffused. Simply cut the bottom off to the length you want and place it on a flash. I use a few old Sunpack G4500DX hammerhead guns (555 in USA), on metered manual, very powerful. The end of the 2 pint container fits perfectly on the guns flash heads and sticks out about 8 inches, no tape required. They work fine.

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cameramen: *1 means ISO less than 3200?

At last a Canon camera which will do justice to my 50mm f1.8 mk2.

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