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spiderhunter: Absolutely preposterous. Update available six months from now? They should do it immediately - together with the announcement.


Time to jump ship!!!

that is because, feature by feature, Nikon doesn't need to do any update! And you should compare 5DIII to D800 instead of D600. Surely there is no update fro Canon 6D in this context.

And why 6 months?? well, just to make people who own Canon C100, C300 or even C500 feel a bit better; who would need C100 if 5DIII has HDMI out?

Canon is just so good in sucking blood out of video-player as they thought people who do "video" in general much are richer than photographer, but the truth is...

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TQ Sergey Borachev for sharing the link

This brief "on paper comparison" sums up well for the reaction of some Canon users like me in how should i move on my business since Canon might not care about me anymore.

Why would I say so? to be honest, I'm a videographer and invested about USD30k on Canon products since the birth of 5D2. After a long 3 years wait, Canon disappoints me (don't yell, it was video make 5DII a big hit, not the photo).

With all the marketing praise of C300, 1D4, 5D3, C500, C100, EOS-M, EOS-C... sometime walking on the moon, sometime monkey circle show, then now 6D, it is enough. Canon, I will move on. even I have get used to the workflow tolerated for 5D2, even Canon lenses aren't friendly to other mounts.

I'm not mourning or negative on Canon, after all, it is just a tool, but human scares of change, scares of intro N-, S- or P- cam into C-workflow, scares of rip off old investment. Goodbye Canon, I move on.

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bradleyg5: The A99 is seriously the camera that has me considering selling all my Canon gear to switch too.

as a videographer being invested no less than USD20k in canon gear... i think of jumping ship too... it is sad that i want to wait for A99 before burning money on anymore canon product.

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Dan Clark: Blackmagic Cinema Camera. 2.5K RAW. Yes, RAW! 13 stops of DR. Full copy of Davinci Resolve. Canon, Zeiss lenses. Use standard SSDs instead of custom media. $3,000. No brainer.

my friend at Singapore have already received one unit of Blackmagic, done the unboxing video and now working on reviewing video. I'm sure Blackmagic Cinema Camera is just days away.

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