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On article Report: Chinese company Xiaomi may purchase GoPro (90 comments in total)
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fuxicek: Great news, the GoPro will be cheaper and better...Since dawn of smartphones, I was never complete happy with my cheap smartphones, until I met Xiaomi...I went from Samsung to HTC to Sony to Huawei to Xiaomi and when the last one was stolen, for the first time I bought the same brand again, their price/value ratio is just unbeatable, so far I'm happy owner of Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x, I bought for 200 EUR a year ago, nothing in this price range had 64gb internal memory, 4gb ram, vr ready (gyroscope), 5.5 inch full hd display, 4000mah battery.....

@Edgar_in_Indy the other Xiaomi's ought to work (Mi 4/5/6 or Mix 1/2/s). They all have terrific support for bands. More costly than Redmi series, but a lot cheaper than Samsung/Sony.

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On article Study: people don't actually like looking at selfies (206 comments in total)
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sop51: It's not just selfies people don't want to see, the world is completely awash in boring images no one wants to look at. The currency of photography has been completely devalued by the billions and billions of pointless snapshots made every single day. Unless it's a picture of Elvis stepping out of a UFO ~ in perfect focus, expertly composed and with beautiful bokeh, mind you ~ nobody wants to see it.

I say bring back Daguerreotypes. People valued photography when you had to polish a sheet of silver-plated copper to a mirror finish, treat it with fumes to make the surface light sensitive then expose it for ten minutes in a huge camera. In the good old days folks paid good money just to look at crappy daguerreotypes on a wall. These days you couldn't pay me enough to even glance at the stuff saved on most people's smartphones. Unless it's a picture of a cat.

The first part is spot on (boring images), the second part (back to time consuming money-burning process), not so much. Should the value of an end result be higher because a lot of effort was spent on it? One could potentially spend hours and still get an unremarkable result.

The democratization of photography (cellphone cameras!) brought the tool to the great unwashed. The result? Well, mostly pictures of the great unwashed.

But your last part, I believe is what most of us (dpreview crowd) are ;) The discerning photographer, the man who can spot sensor defects 2 miles away on 42 MP sensor, are we really troubled by it?

Of course no!

Sobering thought: all of the outlets for writing and the quality average on a blog hasn't meant there aren't books worth reading anymore. The really really good stuff still exists.

Just that not every piece is good.

No reason to take away the possibility that some will rise and produce something that qualifies as above the noise.

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neo_nights: They're bragging about getting the highest DxO Mark score yet and they show a graph stating that the second best smartphone is the iPhone 7 with a score of 86. Well, they conveniently forgot about the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7, HTC 10 and Sony Xperia X with a score of 88...

While, yes, it IS true that the Pixel is the smartphone with the highest ranking, it's not by that much.

It would be wise to only compare against Nexus/Pixel and a rival OS/system cameraphone.

Pitting your own against your _other_ own (other androids) will make a lot of manufacturers extremely uncomfortable. Especially some, who have tried their hand at building an alternative OS for just such a day.

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On article Sample Gallery: Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone images (64 comments in total)
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Daxs: Looks like people don't care about phone, most important is camera! LoL
For me, phone is phone with camera!
If you really interested in pictures you not gonna fight about stupid phone camera!

If that's your opinion, aren't you on the wrong site? :-)

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