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+1 for the Human League quote . .

I like the contrast of smooth against industrial :D

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alexisgreat: I love my sensors bare, no filters allowed. That means no Bayer, no AA, no IR/UV cut filter. I add filters as I please, whether they be for narrowband imaging for light polluted areas or broadband color imaging or even UV or IR imaging.

I hate how manufacturers decide whats good for us and they add the filters "built-in" and cater to the lowly masses. I like building my own computers, telescopes, and cameras. It's how you LEARN. No wonder society is being dumbed down- no one likes to innovate anymore.

Well said!

I agree with the sentiment 100%

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Stephen Williams: There are many claims here about the superiority of a monochrome sensor over a color sensor. Could someone please supply a reference (URL) where there are samples showing direct comparisons of files made under controlled conditions?

credible references are unpopular in photography fora and quite rare ;-)

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Timmbits: Does anyone know if it is possible to mod existing cameras, to B&W, by removing the color filter?
Not having an RGB filter results in massive sensitivity gains... not to mention that every photosite is acting to sense the presence of ALL light - meaning you have effectively tripling resolution/sharpness - or quadrupling it if you take into account that there are two green for each blue and red pair.
You'd most likely have to use good UV filters again as back in the film days.

1) Buy a Sigma SD1M. 2) Remove the "dust cover" UV/IR filter from the lens mount (not even a screwdriver needed). 3) in Sigma Photo Pro, convert to monochrome.

Job done ;-)

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As a Texas resident, I love power pole shots.

Nicely done, I must try that monochrome look.



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Fibonacci springs to mind . .


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RuthC: This is a very interesting beetle, which I learned from Google, is a Southwestern Ironclad Beetle. Its exoskeleton is extremely hard. See:
for further enlightening information.
Ruth :-)

Thank you, Ruth. Being an English xpat, I don't know the names of many of the species around here.

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TWIZEEL: just wonder if I'm alone here who dont care those curves ? Make shooting guys, stop to be addicted those beauty S : )))

. . . and here we go again playing the 'Real Word' card and implying that those with technical knowledge can't take good pictures because they're too busy learning about their cameras. Sad.

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The procedure did not work in ACR 5.4 for Foveon X3F files. No matter where I put the .dcp profile on the HD, it was not shown in the ACR tab - only "embedded". Not being a great lover of Adobe anyway, I gave up on that - being most unwilling to include DNG in my workflow.

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walkaround: I don't know where this term "brightening" came from. It's GAIN, since this is signal amplification we are talking about. "Brightening" implies there is no downside, but there is: noise.
I would like camera buttons to say "Gain" instead of "ISO"... but current cameras and the people who use them (myself included) are still in a film mindset for many things. You probably won't change this any time soon.

Good article.

Re "The photons that fall on the sensor during exposure release electrons" is not quite correct although you might be keeping it simple for most folks. But only some of the incident photons release electrons (Google "Quantum efficiency").

Different software "brightens" images in different ways. Some change the slope (i.e. the gain) of the characteristic, some move the characteristic up and down and others actually change its shape. So, to me, "brightening" serves only as general term, as opposed to your definition of "exposure" which is spot on, IMHO.


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Virtually Grey: It's a Supermarine Spitfire, not a Seafire. Or is it known by another name outside of the UK where they were made?

You may not have noticed the Navy colors, the big arrestor hook at the back end, the words "Royal Navy" on the fuselage and the Navy serial number.

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Shamael: On Samsung Galaxy.

"It's hard to imagine how the added convenience of full-time internet access will change the way you use a camera, but we suspect a lot of its success will depend on how the mobile contracts required end up being priced"

Ask the users of the new I-phone what it costs. All this nonsense is only made to suck your money, make Internet Provider earn more on your back. On the end, this, "you need to be connected", is a big scam only. Nobody needs nothing except to die. This is commercial brainwash, nothing more. They locate you by your cellphone and it continues by your laptop, your camera-phone, and now your camera, and so on.

Where will it end. We communicate all about us to just anyone on the globe and despite that we don't know who is our neighbor in the building we live or what happens in the bar around the corner. Brave new world we live in, isn't it.

Well said, Shamael!

All too often, innovation brings with it a further invasion your of privacy. Witness your Google account's home-page which was OK at first and then suddenly appeared their "chat" function which couldn't be removed - I wonder why? Eavesdropping??

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larrytusaz: I'd consider this as an update to my Photoshop CS (yes I have the ORIGINAL Photoshop CS), but Elements doesn't support 16-bit TIFFs, and when I shoot RAW, I convert to 16-bitt TIFF, do all of my edits there, and then once I'm 100% done I convert to JPEG, no sooner.

I know Elements can't include all of the Photoshop features, it's just too bad because 16-bit TIFF support is the only thing, for me anyway, that it's missing.


I don't understand what is meant by "support" here. In Elements 6, I can open 16-bit TIFF's and edit them in Adobe's 16-bit work space.

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KoKo the Talking Ape: 10th paragraph: "PlayMemories Home is essentially a re-skinned version of Picture Motion Browser, which does it's job pretty well."

That should be "its", not "it's".

I knew a copy editor who would search the document she was working on for every instance of "its" and "it's" just to make sure they were used correctly.

I don't recall finding such errors in the material written by DPR staff.

Where I'm from, which is also where the language is from, we say "it's". I've been corrected here in the USA a few times on that one but, although I do try to write good American, there are times when the proper way is better ;-)

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Standing joke in our household is wishing for an "accent filter" in the TV so that harsh Noo Yoik, Awstriylian, Sout Efrikan, etc accents would be converted into a nice, soft Southern drawl before coming out of the speakers . . .

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Tom Goodman: Unless I am looking at pictures supplied by Joseph Stalin or Joe McCarthy, I could care less if photoshopping can be detected.

No, that's the American way of saying wot you just said and is perfectly understandable to those who live in the USA. But I do have to say that this fine example of being "divided by a common language" makes me cringe whenever I see or hear it ;-)

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