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only problem I haveever had is the camera groupings.
please return the 1D forum to 1D only cameras and create a 5D/6D petty squabble forum

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SteB: Whilst I would hope to see the price of this type of adaptor come down I'm not sure why some are pooring so much scorn over it, because if you don't want it, don't buy it. After all it's only another choice for photographers so how can it be bad? What is there to criticise? The criticisms don't make much sense. The only thing that counts is whether they work and support as many lenses as possible. The more of this type of adapter there are, the cheaper they will be.

I'm not sure why a company like Sigma doesn't produce them, because after all very few companies can have more experience with back engineering mounts. All I would suggest is making them so they can have firmware updates to get around changes to interfaces.

My only regret is that there's not a similar one for m4/3. I for one could see a real use for my MP-E 65mm, peaking and an EVF. OVFs get awfully dark at high magnification. Not sure if the peaking would work, but if it did, it would be a dream for composition.

the price is nothing... lets face it, the price is correct for the volume of production it is likely to have. personally this is perfect for use with a nex7+mpe65 for my macro work, plus also would probably get me out more with my sigma 300-800mm

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Michael Uschold: Good. Maybe if droves of Canon-lovers say to heck with the G1 X and buy a NEX camera, Canon will get the message that it pays to give the customers what they want, not to protect what it wants (i.e. a healthy DSLR market). I'm very tempted to do just that. It was my lenses holding me back. Pity about the AF.

do you hold your les by the camera body then? kinda a silly statement?

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