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On article Battle of the titans: Top ball heads tested (300 comments in total)

It's missing two of the four brands I actually care about when it comes to ballheads: kirk and markins. "No show" is a lame reason.

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On article Swimming with the Nikon 1 AW1 (193 comments in total)
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Lapkonium: I wonder why people find RAW so important on a camera like that... You are not getting pro-quality underwater shots out of this anyway – not without a proper bulky lighting setup, so why bother with lossless adjustment? There's not much to loose there, except for, maybe, time.

Cranking up contrast on a compact's JPEG can be more than enough for many. Unlike a compact, you can't put this nikon into your pocket either, so not a very convenient thing for holiday shooters...

It may fit a NICHE... But what sort of people does this niche comprise of? What can this camera do, that a compact can not?

After shooting both JPEG and RAW underwater, the RAW files are of much higher quality after WB correcting extreme underwater blue casts. The JPEGs, after WB correction of the blues, do not look as good to my eyes.

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On article Swimming with the Nikon 1 AW1 (193 comments in total)

I couldn't find anything mentioned in the original article. Was the supplied silicone grease applied to the O-ring at all, either first time attaching the lens or before the dip?

I know a lot of people originally wanted a dial of some kind but the zoom buttons act as a dial, which is pretty intuitive to me (I own the AW1). Buttons are a LOT easier to waterproof than moving knobs.

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Yay! I get to spend $3500 for an upgraded AF! Is there even a reason to get the 1Dx? They seem to be very similar.

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lensberg: These sample images are truly impressive... outstanding levels of detail across the board at virtually every ISO setting... Comparing these 5D III images to the recently released "real world" D800 samples is like comparing flawless diamonds to cubic zirconium...

And people try to insinuate that the D800 has better detail retention & ISO performance at reduced resolutions... yeah right... dream another dream... because this one's not materialising into reality...

The 5D III's colour reproduction is spectacular... far superior to even the Nikon D3X or Pentax 645D... the dynamic range is at least 2½ stops better than the 5D II... and the ISO performance... is second to none... minimum 1½ stops better than the D800... and comparable with the D3S uptil 12800... and blows it away from 25600 onwards...

This is basically a no contest as far as overall IQ is concerned... the Canon 5D III wins hands down...

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On article Facebook adds higher resolution photo viewing (68 comments in total)

They're trying to catch up to Google+ in terms of photo displaying/sharing. Even if Facebook is more popular than Google+, Google + has been favored by photographers due to the ease and fidelity of images.

Even if resolutions stay intact, we'll see if file sizes stay intact. Facebook has been known to severely compress jpegs to the point of digital artifacts.

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Phase One dropped the ball when they made v4, v5, and v6. The interface is poor on my Mac Pro and PC. It produces great files but it was a pain to use when I have tens of thousands of images. Phase One tried to remedy the situation by purchasing Media Pro, but that was simply a band-aid to the problem. Media Pro was even more buggy than Capture One. Noise reduction has always been poor on Capture One.

C1 does have a few strengths though: keystone correction, tethering, intact skintones even if saturation was pushed, etc. But it was an annoying program to use. LR was a breath of fresh air even though I purchased almost every major version of C1.

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