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Marty4650: Nothing succeeds like success.

Adobe has been wildly profitable since moving to a subscription based sales plan.

This is exactly the same way Rent-A-Center will rent you a $500 sofa for $20 a month for the rest of your life. It sounds cheap at first, until you realize ten years later that you paid $2,400 for a $500 sofa and still don't own it.

Stu 5:
My cheap sofa was bought 2002, still has not even shown signs of "falling apart".
Ok, its cost $700, not 500...feel it´s a valid response to your post anyway.

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noflashplease: I think that the frequent firmware update strategy is taking a page directly from the Samsung NX playbook, and we all know where that lead?

Olympus really needs to become relevant and a $2,000 MicroFourThirds body is the very definition of market irrelevance, even in the Japanese home market.

It should be a wake up call to Olympus that Canon's mediocre and limited EF-M mirrorless line has taken a commanding lead in marketshare in Japan, while other smaller formats like the Pentax Q and the Nikon 1 system have fallen dormant.

Two interesting facts (if not more than just interesting):

At dpr, the OM-D E-M1 mk2 still have place no 4 (I think it was) in the interest column
The largest, or maybe second largest, retailer here in Sweden, say the camera in question is now no 4 in their best seller rating for digital system cameras (both mirrorless and DSLR:s are in that list).

Just interesting, but, anyway: nice! ;-)

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villagranvicent: For the money they are charging for their cameras I would expect a much nicer meeting room.

If the guys themselves are fine with it, (the conference room) what´s bad with money going to development costs proper, so to speak?

Most such rooms are, well, not so much to write home about. Maybe the people working have their focus so hard on THE work itself, that they don´t bother too much about things like "we must fix nicer conference rooms" ??? ;-)

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On article Adobe Creative Suite 6 has been officially retired (352 comments in total)

Will Elements "travel the same path"???

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barrym1966: What's an earthquake?


To quake proop doesn´t necessarily mean EVERYTHING in such a building will avoid getting damaged! It may be that the building itself could survive, but to ensure the hi tech very sensitive manufacturing hardware would not be damaged is probably next to impossible. And quakes isn´t happening EXACTLY at a certain predictable place, like precisely where a factory happen to be situated. For a japanese tech giant to simply decide to build all sensors (for example) in...Europe(!)) would certainly never happen.

Would you, by the way, recommend ALL OF California, people and buildings, to just be moved since everyone is sort of waiting for "the quake of quakes" to happen there?
When, no one knows, but it will come, or will it(?)

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On article Hasselblad CEO Oosting to leave next week (164 comments in total)

The new temporary CEO has among other been in leading position at Ericsson.

Oosting will continue to be working as advisor to the board. He said that he was asked, as CEO, to secure a sustainable growth and prepare the company for the next step in its development, and since that is now done he will continue to be advisor.

Maybe just a nice way to state facts, but could very well be the thruth, the clear fact, too.

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QuarryCat: the 25 mm is a good and heavy lens,
you can't do real close-ups,
on a journey you won't need f:1.2 that much - if ever
even f:1.2 can give you pictures like 2.4/50 mm - what sounds a bit boring to set people or animals free
I 've got a 0.95/25 mm mFT Voigtländer, which is quite cool - I can go very close to 1:1.9 (full frame equivalent)

so my best lens for travel in the mFT-cosmic is by far the Olympus 2.8/12-40 mm with close-up capability, even a bit lighter then 1.2/25 mm

no other camera maker has such a good, compact, sharp lens for traveling - and no other can get so big close-up pictures.
No Nikon, no Canon, no Fuji, no Leica, no Sony, no Panasonic - nobody.

Fine with that, but note that when you are loaning(!) an item, you don´t always get to decide for yourself exactly what to loan. Like, Carey had to choose among lenses that were available from DPR´s selection which most probably is on loan from Oly...
Maybe they have some lenses they own, and some they get to loan now and then. I don´t know...

To me it seems Corey did bring home a lot of very fine shots , by the way!

That said, I do have the wonderful 12-40/2,8 PRO too...boy what a fine piece of sh*t that is! As yo say, sharp & compact, with good close up etc.
A near perfect travel piece of glass. ;-)

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trungtran: They couldn't even be bothered using a Sony lens cap.

What they should of have done is make this a spy cam. No one would ever suspect it. Can catch the thieves stealing your pen or stapler at work.

"Should HAVE done" not "...of have done"

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Hmm...that "vérité" athmospere from "a little camera shake" is something I for my part do NOT want there! IF I can get rid of such, I´ll applaud, if not, well I´m not gonna see it as a any kind of "feature" ;-)

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On photo Baltimore - Old and New in the Cityscapes from street level challenge (9 comments in total)

Superb estetics here!!
Wonder if it´s a duoble exposure, since clouds couldn´t move that much at 1/250 sec...
Nevertheless, it´s very beautiful, striking I would say, by it´s contrast and extremely aligned lines. Well done!

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Sivakumar V: Just funny. After all the film cameras are extinct, who is going to shoot film. It is like making a pen when people use only key board.

So, in your world, pens are not made anymore? Real actual fact is both pens and keyboards will be both necessary and available for quite some time from now on...

(Or did you mean to predict something that will happen somewhere in the future?)

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On photo Juda Ka Talab in Winter in the A Winter Wonderland challenge (2 comments in total)

In what country?

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On article Our favorite gear, rewarded: DPReview Awards 2016 (271 comments in total)
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whensly: I've owned and used a lot of these cameras but I still have NO idea wha an ILC is?

ILC, not ilc...

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On article Our favorite gear, rewarded: DPReview Awards 2016 (271 comments in total)
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TN Args: Part 1 of 2

Congrats to Nikon and to the D500 for the overall award. It clearly impresses many and tempts many more again. There are two major reasons why it is a poor choice.

1. If you put aside its one trick, accurate action autofocus, you suddenly have a *very* ordinary camera: lowish resolution, over a stop more noise than similarly priced FF options, cumbersome brick of a body, no long lenses especially designed for its sensor format, missing an EVF (and let's face it, the arguments for an OVF look puerile these days when the best EVFs effectively avoid blackout and can be used in conjunction with a red dot finder for superb target tracking), generally lacking innovation, and a burst speed that, by the end of the year, was decidedly short of the top tier.

"Lowish resolution"


Of course, 20 Mpix is lower than many other top cameras, but absolutely not "low" by any practical standard regarding how big one can make sharp prints from it. 90%+ of those bying a camera in the D500-genre/niche will be able to print as large as they mostly need..

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On article Our favorite gear, rewarded: DPReview Awards 2016 (271 comments in total)
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wkingsie: I couldn't disagree more about your choices this year.
The Sigma 85mm is a good performer, but too big to be considered practical for most photographers. There isn't one camera in your list that I would consider buying.

The a7rii still rules the roost this year, and wipes the floor with all 2016 releases in your list. The ZS100 still reigns supreme in the point and shoot market, and less than half the price of the RX100 mkV.


That may be true, but to be a product "...of the year 2016" it has to be a product launched in...(drum roll) 2016...simple as that.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1378 comments in total)
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waldauf: Can I ask DPreview what is your experience with battery life? In the article seems to me that you sometimes used battery grip and sometimes you didn't.

It's in the text, they did "like" the battery capacity/battery life. With or without grip is not very relevant since it does only one thing for capacity: doubles it up. Thus, say, 400 shots w one battery will be 800 with two batteries/grip mounted. If I remember correctly DPR said they at best could get around 1000 shots, if not chimping etc. (Maybe I read that figure somewhere else, sorry if I did, don't intend to mislead anybody!)

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1378 comments in total)
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Mateus1: I think Oly brought M1mk2 too late, in 2017 with that sensor that does not improve IQ over mk1 and other m4/3 means you stay with it for next 4 years while competition made and makes bigger progress. I see IQ improvement in Fui X-Pro2 vs X-Pro1, X-T1 vs X-T2, which I hardly see in M1mk2 vs M1mk1. I am affraid Oly will always be 1-2 years behing the competition in IQ improvement. And they ask for "old" sensor more then others with newer and bigger sensor. If M1mk2 will be $1400 late next year ( I rather doubt it) then X-T2 will be $400-500 less I think, so M1mk2 is not going to tempt me anytime... as does not now with $2000.

Relative to FF or/and APS-C, m4/3 will of course be somewhat less perfect, if technoloy all else being equal will move forward as it has done in years past.

The REAL question for people actually doing photography with their machines is this:
"Does it provide IQ at a level that is sufficient or maybe surpasses what I DO NEED for the way the images will be used/seen/viewed???"

ANY camera that will be able to perform to make "YES" the answer to that qwest will be a good choice!

Add to that the availability of lenses, price & size of those and suddenly a LOT of people would benefit by at LEAST taking a literal "hands on" look at the E-M1 mk2 before going elsewhere.

As long as a camera do give what its owner wants and needs it is a viable choice, EVEN if other cameras, and there will always be a fair number of them, are "better" in the strictly "numbers game" IQ department.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1378 comments in total)
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dharma108: Yes, the price is up there--but here is a perspective to consider. I paid $1799 US dollars for an Oly E5 (body only) six years ago and the E-M1 Mark II far surpasses it on all levels. A $200 price increase from six years ago for a far superior camera.
At the time I bought the E5 there was nary a complaint about it being too expensive. I am still shooting the E5 and it's still creating great images, but E-M1 Mark II will soon be in my camera bag.


E-M1 mk2 hase many things "to do" with E-5. The E-M1 mk2 is one of so far TWO current cameras that can handle the older Zuko Digital lenses with both speed and accuracy in AF. The mk2 possibly notably better than E-M1 mk1, but that will show as folks out there start buying the mk2.

Many folks tempted by the E-M1 mk2 are people who maybe have the mk1 or another m4/3 body, or who have a 4/3 body like the E-5 or older. All these people will benefit more or less by getting the E-M1 mk2, infrom few or or from the whole wide spectre of enhancements that the new camera brings..all depending on their shooting habits and needs.

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1378 comments in total)
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Saurat: Interesting, according to DPR's own compare-mode, Raw image-quality is less good than the original EM1. It is also less good than many entry-level cameras, such as the Canon 1100D and Nikon D3200. How accurate these algorithms are I don't know, but for $2000 I'd like at least token IQ improvement.

@Brian Wadie:

The text references is one thing, as you say DPR refers to current standard when comparing performance/IQ etc before giving their "%-value" to the camera tested at the moment.

But I believe that Saurat did mean to refer to the image comparator tool of DPR, and what he did see when viewing the images from the cameras there.
You don't think DPR makes manipulations of the comparator tool, do you?

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On article Ultimate OM-D: Olympus E-M1 Mark II Review (1378 comments in total)
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aramgrg: Just a quick comparison. When E-m5 was announced in 2011, it was $1300 with 12-50 and it was a huge step up in the mirrorless market. Now E-m1 is not an update in IQ part(vs 2011!), but little improvements over e-m5, that costs twice more. Most of us cares more about image quality, rather than 60fps of crap.


I own the E-M5 mk1, and the E-M1 mk1. Must say the E-M1 mk2 is WAY better to handle and hold than the E-M5, and markedly better than the E-M1 mk1.
The E-M1 mk1 is better handling than the E-M5, too, and since getting the E-M1 I haven't used the E-M5 that much. I still like it, though, it has merits of its own, as in extremely compact etc.
The much better grip and ability to AF much faster w the couple of older zuiko lenses I own, made me use the E-M1 this much more, even though IQ is 99% the same.

But the E-M1 mk2 is about a whole series of smaller and some bigger improvements, which, IQ aside, makes it just that much better as a whole, and makes the system in itself a fair bit more attractive for more people still outside the m4/3 world.

As I see it.

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