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Mateus1: Is there anybody here who buy M1mkII for landscape and is paying $2000 for body? Do you use 3:2 ratio for landscape too with this tiny 4/3 sensor? K1 that is not much bigger is FF 36MP and costs $1800 only!!!! Do you buy M1mkII for sports? Why, when you have best of the best D500 for same or lover price? Or even more cheaper X-T2, A6500? What is the reason to pay this mad $2000 Oly's price for M1mkII with smalish 4/3 sensor? Street shooting? The body is not smaller then APS-C and FF. Oly Pro lenses are also big and expensive. Any 4/3 cam over $1300 is overpriced in my view.

@Mateus :

(Almost) any lens(!) in the Oly lineup is SHARP, even the cheap ones! THAT is one of a number of reasons to live in the m4/3 world. The same could be said about Panasonic´s lens line up too; very very few of them are not at the top.

Other reasons are there, but this is in my view one of the more importanat ones...

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KrisAK: Will Olympus's older m43 lenses still work on this new full-frame camera? I mean, is the image circle large enough to cover the new, much larger sensor?

(This is a full-frame camera, right?)

A silly and stupid comment. As you very well do know it is a full m4/3 frame!

This system is what it is, dimension wise! Now, the E-M1 mk2 made the system even better, addressing most of the shortcimongs it have had since its inception.
E-M offers Better noise characteristics ,much, MUCH higher speed in several important respects, and tops those with offering refinements all over the place vs the E-M1 mk1.

If the basic characteristics of the system, as such, isn´t for you, ok, nothing more nothing less than that. Just keep,on caring less about the E-M1 mk2...
Other very good cameras (and systems) do exist, as we all know...and new even better cameras withinj those systems will keep on arriving, for sure!

But at the moment NO camera fills precisely the spot of this one!

Isn´t that fine? Even with you?

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albert2014: i was interested in upgrading my olympus mark 1, but not anymore. The price of this camera felt like a punch in the gut. As good as this camera could be this is way outside the range of most consumers. Seriously there are a lot of other options out there for that kind of money. There are many other ways i can improve the quality of my images if i spend that kind of cash on other things like getting a better flash. I will not upgrade my camera. I have a new found appreciation the equipment i already have. I would rather olympus invest in improved picture quality rather than a high speed picture taking. i do not need 18 frames per second or whatever for shooting landscapes.

If you don´t need the extras of the E-M1 mk2, why not just get a mk1? (or keep on using the one you may already have...)

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All you negative posters, who diss the russian cameras:
Where on earth are tose really good, exclusive and well performing american (for example, as most people here seem to be americans) cameras???

(not including some possible speciality items, just was thinking of normal consumer grade and the level above it)

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Johnnew Archibald - SMGJohn: and people question why the death penalty must be brought back...

??? Death, for stealing CAMERAS, just for their expected high economic value? Get real...
(or were you just ironic maybe?)

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mjc1: The thing I never seem mentioned enough as everyone compares and tries to justify their equipment and its quality and how good is good enough is that yes, some of the new pro lenses from Olympus are pretty big and heavy and weather sealed and size / weight are pushing the overall rig closer and closer to FF or cropped rigs. I accept that, and in fact, when the job requires I myself pop on my Oly 12-40 f/2.8, use it, wish it were a little smaller, but grateful it is so good and when I don't need it or any big/heavy mFT lens, I pop them off and put back on my tiny fast primes and work with those and the difference between the size and weight comparison widens again. Personally I applaud Olympus, they have given us their best performing, no compromise lenses for those who find that important, always or from time to time (and they do charge you for that option!) and when you don't want that, you have your small fast lenses, who can complain about options?

*like* !!, of course!

Still, those (rather) expensive and "big" Zuiko PRO lenses are relatively small, and at least not as expensive as, most "f-length comparable" lenses in APS-C & 24x36mm land...which in itself is a nicety for any mFT user/prospective user.

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On article Photokina 2016: Olympus E-M1 Mark II overview video (279 comments in total)
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vin 13: Just saw the size comparison posted here. It's bigger as my old Canon 350D! However if it's as good as Olympus are boosting and is priced sensibly I'll still be very interested.

I did own the EOS 350D, and it was nice but its grip is way worse shape/size wise, and quite a bit less nice to hold than the grip of the E-M1 I now have. The EOS 350D grip is too small, even though notably better than fex the diminutive "grip" of the Olympus E-600...

When shooting with the 70-200/4L I had, the 350D felt not wholly perfect, although a good camera at its price level at the time it was sold.,..

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String: Whats with all of these (I assume?) DSLR users telling us how "big" the E-M1 is? Seriously folks, I can only ask if you have ever even used an E-M1/12-40 combo and a D810/24-70 combo?

I did own a E-5 and THAT was a large camera. Compared to it, the E-M1 (which I now own) and the new E-M1 mk2 is really to be looked upon as compact, even though they are a bit larger than the two E-M5 versions. The grip make them perhaps look a bit larger than they actually feel in ones hand (not having held the Mk2 E-M1, ok)
The grip was a big good thing!
In part it was what made me get the E-M;, feels much better to handle than the E-M5 with it´s add on grip!!!

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On article Photokina 2016: Olympus E-M1 Mark II overview video (279 comments in total)
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bluevellet: As much as I look forward to this camera and applaud many of its technical advances, I think it is still a mistake to restrict some of its key components to it.

For example, PDAF should trickle down to the other and lower models. It doesn't have to be the very same PDAF and insane continuous shooting as the EM1 mark II, but it can be what you have on the EM1 mark I 3 years ago or something like that.

It's fallacy to claim only stubborn 43 DSLR users and pros have a use for such features, a soccer mom can also enjoy nailing shots of their kids with increased accuracy and speed. I consider it a great missed opportunity that the upcoming EPL8, as pretty as it looks, isn't all that much different than the EPL7 before it, and then the EPL6 or the EPL5. PDAF could have been something a little more thrilling.

Agreed, but who knows what a coming "below the E-M1"-OM-D may give?
It has happened before that new advanced features have arrived in a camera below the "highest" model. Think hi res fex, and it may be possible that a simpler pdaf version could be entered in some of or one of the future models below the top one.

On the soo many PEN´s all too high similarity I think the same as you do...

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On article Photokina 2016: Olympus E-M1 Mark II overview video (279 comments in total)
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vesa1tahti: The size: m4/3 system was created to minimize the size and weight of bodies and lenses. But this body is almost of the same size with D7200. So, why not to purchase an APS-C camera instead?

With a comparable lens a rather more notable size advantage still, such a combo is way smaller than a D7200 one...and with many of the zuiko lenses the whole combination is weather resistant for real, and have a much better IS system etc... For most people already into the m4/3 system it is better to choose the E-M1 Mk2 IF IT DOES offer the features and performance (speed & IQ) the person wants/needs, than to buy a whole new system...if money is not a part of the equation at all one may think otherwise, possibly. But with sooo many advantages that this camera already on paper do offer...many would seriously do good to get it before many other choices even if having to begin their trip into the m4/3 world...
Some (but of course not all) not losing (notably much) money even if they´d choose to sell off their old system.

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Olympus OM-D E-M1 II (654 comments in total)
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plastique2: Of course, everybody has a different or their own personal opinion. So do I. The 4/3 system is great for those who want it and understand it. I think I do understand it and I like it. I like all the exciting stuff about this new camera. Why not, of course. And so here is what I do not like (which is taking over many camera models): the swivel monitor :( ... It is only good for video shooting on a tripod. And for selfies, haha. For all other work you have to make one or two more moves with your hands to get the monitor in position, and it is more vulnerable. But hey, some other opinion obviously weighs more and so the made it this way.

It´s also extremely versatile, especially when shooting at a low or high angle in vertical orientation. Not that easy w the tilt screen on my E-M1...

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Olympus OM-D E-M1 II (654 comments in total)
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Orcker: Oh and btw, the built-in grip is larger than the one on the E-M1 if anyone cares. And you can't recycle the batteries nor battery holder grip from the E-M1. The battery is a new one with a larger capacity. Hope they've made the battery life usefully longer.

37% longer battery time, AND 50% shorter charge time. Quite an improvement in my book...if it keeps what Olympus promises, that is.

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JOrmsby: Any idea if it's 14-bit, or still just 12-bit?

Most probably 12-bit, they would surely have said something about 14-bit if it had it...
But I´m not so sure I´m with you on that "just" 12-bit. It´s, for 99% of users, not possible to benefit in practise from 14 vs 12 bit. Or would you seriously say it is? Even in the "tiny sensor world of m4/3"?

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mgblack74: Did Olympus decide this after seeing Fuji's announcement?

Olympus did spend four years of development for the E-M1 II, so, no, not so!

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Would like that curved film plane to be shown in the article, since it´s one of the points making the cam that good, and a quite unique point at that,...strange not to show it.

I sold quite a lot of this wonderful camera at the time.
I found myself working in photo (and audio/video) retail during the eighties, nineties, and just over a decade on, until recently.

Liked the XA models too, when they were actual, but sales (in the shop I worked in) were much higher of the AF-models, like the Mju shown here. (Stylus in US)

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On article CP+ 2016: Things we found that had been cut in half (136 comments in total)

I noted one little thing that I find a bit peculiar:
The Tamron 90 macro & the Panasonic/Leica 100-400 did seem to have almost glossy surfaces on the insides of the "tubes". Would that not result in unnecessary reflections?

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On article History Repeating: Olympus PEN-F Review (1059 comments in total)
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DRogers: Overpriced. No 4k video. Give me a break.

Here, I give you a break. It's free since I give it to you! ;-)

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CptRoger: I have been OLY user for a long while and I really like all the new PRO lenses. Not cheap, but the price is well deserved for the quality of life they deliver. But somehow I wonder: is this really worth it? I mean, I know on Nikon/Canon the equivalent reach has absurd sizes and prices (I use Nikon too)... but when you need to get the job done, you get what you need. And usually bodies that go with those mammoths (D4, D3s, EOS D1X...) are not even comparable to m4/3 in terms of quality. Are m4/3 birdwatchers and sport addicts profiting economically so much from their images? Or are they just so wealthy that giving out that money just for hobbies is ok? This lens gives me a bit the feeling of being like the former 35-100mm F2 or the 300mm F2.8 for the old 4/3 system: fantastic exercises in technology of quite modest diffusion... for both price and limits of the sensor behind them. Dunnow... just my instinctive thoughts.

The "sensor behind them" (defined as "today's sensor IQ/resolution level") isn't THE factor of all factors, since that factor is not "fixed and will never be improved". Any high grade lens will most probably live through many generations of camera bodies, thus must be (if possible) better than what today's state of the art sensors demand. The same thinking seem to have been Oly's +10 years ago. When they designed the "Top Pro" lenses they clearly did not make them equal to that time's sensor quality level. They made the lenses quite notably better, so that only when the 16 Mp sensors arrived we (well, those who had/have those lenses) could begin to see their real inherent quality. They may even live well into an era with sensors well past 20 least that´s what I do believe. Then the same must be valid for a lens of high level when designed and launched today!

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tlinn: I've seen a number of slideshows from this media tour. Yours, Barney, has been the most interesting. The bit about using cement cured with UV light to secure the lens elements in place was particularly noteworthy. I hadn't read that elsewhere.

The image of the lens engraved with "X 5th Anniversary" is one I've seen before. Is that a one-off or special edition of the 18-55?

I came to note this UV-curing process info with some interest:
It resembles what my dentist use to do at the last stage of fixing a tooth. Like there were some kind of materieal in the lens glue that also is a part of the material used to "seal" a tooth repair.

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On article Design, looks and desire: Olympus does it again (391 comments in total)
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PeaceKeeper: 2 things, the first has been stated repeatedly. Weather sealing. At this price point I think it should be there, and would mark this clearly as more than just a camera-as-fashion accessory.

Secondly, the power switch. As cool as you think it looks, the positioning neccesitates using 2 hands to turn it on, or leaving it on all the time. You can make a camera look good, add extra bits and bobs, but please don't sacrifice basic functionality like this.


I can understand, if I had one of those cameras having the on/off around the shutter button, ok. But most are designed without that design of the on/off. So that it's not that easy to hold the camera and at the same time, (one handed) turn it on/off. I can only refer to myself, almost 99% when using the camera I hold it by two hands, only when carrying it around like when walking down a street I sometimes hold it one handed. I could say I'd like all cameras did have the "around the shutter button" switch design, of course. But apparently we will not see that happen. Regarding the PEN-F I think dthey did it well considering the "look" they wanted to give it. A sleep mode that woke it up quickly just by the touch of the shutter button would do it, maybe the PEN-F has it that way(?)

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